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Homecoming Floats Return to NHPMHS

By Hima Binu and Krish Singh

This year was the first time homecoming floats have been a part of the festivities at New Hyde Park Memorial since the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers took a step back in time with this year's theme of “Blast From the Past.” Each grade was assigned a decade and students and teachers worked together to create floats for their class.

“Helping build the float for homecoming this year was a really fun, collaborative experience,” sophomore Sarah Chummar said. “It was great to see everyone throughout the summer helping out and coming during the busy school schedules to pitch in.”

Source from Breanne Noguera

The Class of 2026's 1950s-themed float won "Best Special Effects" and "Best Overall Float" in the senior high category of the homecoming float competition.

Several classes began their Homecoming preparations over the summer. Class officers alongside their advisers held meetings to discuss and organize their class floats. Several students volunteered to host “flower parties” in which students gathered to create flowers out of tissue paper.

“I think it's a great way for us as students to get involved,” sophomore class officer Sanjna Nischal said. “It’s been a fun experience to go through and I’ve really enjoyed dedicating time to build the float with my class. Because of this, I’ve been able to talk to other sophomores I rarely get to see and make new friends.”

Despite the rainy circumstances, NHP Gladiators stood strong and continued with the festivities on Homecoming day. During the parade, people lined up on the sidewalks cheering on NHP and people in cars stopped to appreciate the spectacle. Even senior residents stepped out in the rainy weather to enjoy the parade and provide encouragement.

Those who attended the Homecoming game and parade were invited to vote via Google Form for whichever floats they thought were best overall and had the best special effects. Following the performances by NHP’s performing groups, the results were announced. “Best Special Effects” and “Best Overall Float” in the Junior High category were both awarded to the Class of 2029, advised by Mrs. Pincay and Ms. Tiwari. The float from the 2000s had an awards show theme, with a gladiator on its golden chariot taking center stage. In the Senior High category, both “Best Special Effects” and “Best Overall Float” were awarded to the sophomores, Class of 2026, advised by Ms. Esposito and Mr. Laugen. The vibrant float took on the 50s theme, decked out with records and a giant jukebox and finished with a skating diner waitress.

“I’m a big fan of the return of the floats,” Class of 2026 advisor Mr. Laugen said. “I think that it’s an important part of Homecoming. What I would like to see though, is more students and community involvement. I think that would make the return of the floats an even better and more inclusive thing. Our win wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of our students and parents or the Notines who volunteered to be the float house.”


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