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Costume Day

By Linda Cheung

From cops and robbers to fan-favorite fictional characters, Costume Day enabled seniors to coordinate outfits with friends and express their creativity through fashion.

Source from nhpclassof2023 Instagram

Seniors went above and beyond to accurately portray their favorite characters.

Some seniors could be spotted in hallways wearing a cartoon-character inspired outfit ranging from Scooby Doo to Sesame Street. Often, these outfits were organized among friends to resemble the main protagonists of a show or movie.

“Me and Aditi, we’ve been friends since fourth grade, so we decided to do a costume together because senior year might be the last time we hang out. So she decided to do Cookie Monster and I was forced into Elmo,” senior Anneliese Park said.

Source by Linda Cheung

(From left to right) Seniors Anneliese Park, Ruth Solomon and Vanessa Wong wear outfits that express their creativity.

Additionally, Costume Day allowed seniors to personalize their outfits using accessories such as fairy wings or jewelry.

“For me, I just wanted to do something really fun and cute so I could wear a skirt and wings, so I decided to be a fairy,” senior Vanessa Wong said.

Source from nhpclassof2023 Instagram

Students were spotted all around the school, embodying another character or individual for a day.

Costume Day encouraged couples to plan complementary outfits.

“We knew we wanted to do something together, as a couple’s costume,” senior Caley Caleca said. “We wanted to do something that would be funny, and we could both wear something fun, so we were like ‘oh, cop and robber.’”

Source by Linda Cheung

Seniors John DiCanio and Caley Caleca collaborate on a cop-and-robber inspired outfit as a couple's costume.

Some seniors were prompted to coordinate outfits inspired by old Hollywood classics.

“We wanted to do a group costume, so we thought of the Wizard of Oz,” senior Ruth Solomon said.

At the end of the day, seniors participated in a costume contest in the cafeteria judged by faculty members to try to win a free prom bid. Seniors were able to enjoy a slice of pizza as they watched their classmates strut their stuff. Tahid Gazi ended up taking home the bid with his 3-D printed costume.

Source from Alyssa Hardeen

Tahid based his costume on the anime Berserk, paying close attention to detail as he designed the costume.

Ultimately, Costume Day provided a creative outlet for seniors to coordinate outfits inspired by film or media, from Hollywood blockbusters to animated TV shows.

Source from nhpclassof2023 Instagram

The planned costumes took time and dedication in order to ensure that the costumes stayed true to the original.


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