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Happily Ever After in New Hyde Park

By Kaitlyn Bell

The New Hyde Park Best Buddies club had their second call to the stage on Thursday, February 3 and Friday, February 4. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggles of online learning, the club has not been able to perform in over two years. Many members of the club were highly anticipating the arrival of Centre Stage at New Hyde Park once again.

Centre Stage is a program that brings together general education students and special education students into a performance. Every student involved gets a role in the production, and this is done with the goal of making the performance as inclusive and equal as possible.

The play is produced by Backyard Players and Friends, which is run by Ellen White, Sarah Golden and Emily Golden.

“We have done Centre Stage with New Hyde Park for several years, and we do it with South Side in Rockville Centre. The plays are actually written by Ellen and our sisters, and we update them accordingly, and we bring them into schools and give the curriculum to do a full-blown show,” Centre Stage producer Emily Golden said.

The students involved had practices for the production every Monday and Wednesday after school since early December. On Wednesday, February 2, they had an in-school dress rehearsal to do a full run-through of the show.

“We are so excited to do our show again tonight. We are exactly where we need to be to open our show again. Tonight the laughter from the audience is gonna be even louder. I don’t know what else to say. I think it was amazing. You guys worked so hard,” Centre Stage producer Ellen White said.

Source by Tina Torre

Centre Stage enters the spotlight to bring a happily ever after to New Hyde Park.

Many of the students involved spent substantial time practicing for the play and had a lot to say about the production.

“I’m so sad that it was my last one, but I will definitely be coming back to see next year's show. It was so amazing and I just wish I had another year. I am going to miss working with everyone on and off stage for rehearsal,” senior Alexa Rago said.

“I enjoyed Center Stage very much because I was able to work with my fellow cast members and create a production that everyone loved,” junior Matthew Zatz said.

Many involved in the production enjoyed the time they spent getting ready for the performance. For some, this performance was bittersweet as it was their last performance, and for others, they are eager to see what next year has in store.


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