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Hannah's Hand-Off

By Hannah Kim

I'm incredibly thankful for this year's Chariot team, writers and Ms.Mannle. The work and effort that everyone put in to make it happen made The Chariot more than just a paper. I cannot beleive that the year is coming to the close and sad that I this is my last issue. I'll miss every single one of you all and the special qualities that you brought! I know that you will all have the brightest futures ahead!!!

Rachel H: Congratulations 후배. I'm really grateful for everything that you've done for The Chariot and as a friend. I'll remember you texting me at 2AM and getting mad at me for responding, when we would whisper in Korean and the millionth time you were fired. Also, here is the Korean romanized form of your favorite saying!!! 지 라이 비 라이 피트 라트 구 마이 캔드 아이. I wish you the best for next year, and I promise you will be an amazing EIC. I have a lot of faith in your dedication to The Chariot, and I know that you will be fine, so don't stress. GOOD LUCK FOR CHARIOT AN FOR BEATING ME IN TETRIS.

Tina: Heyheyhey! I'm sooooo excited for you to take on this position. You always had strong voice and passion and I truly believe you'll go so far. The first time we met, we were in AP stats together, and since then, I'm so glad you joined The Chariot. Sports was always done first, but Greg and I always edited it last...sorry; we really appreciated it though. Remember to occasionally fire Rachel once in a while and always justify the articles again! Also, please take the eyelashes from the left over gifts in the secret Santa drawer, and send me a picture in them with the staff. Thanks for everything, and I promise that you are going to be a fantastic leader for next year.

Lauren: LAUREN! We had so many interesting long nights together during layout, and I'm really grateful for all the laughs we shared. I enjoyed seeing your trunk, pixie sticks and backpack mints. I always appreciated it when you stayed extra after you finished your work to help out with the other sections. It really saved us so many hours. Your captions were literally always the best, and I'm sorry for always looking at sports last..... Anyways, I wish you the best, and I really hope you have a good summer!

Ivie: IVIE LIIIIII, you literally ZOOMED through track, orchestra and Chariot. Besides from being efficient, you were also so funny and we had a lot of fun times. Plus, your articles were always so amazingly written. I'm really going to miss you and all the interesting conversations we had. It's crazy because we've started knowing each other since 3rd grade summer camp, pretending to be the cat girls from that one Austin and Ally episode, and now we work on the school newspaper together. Good luck next year and I wish you the best!

Divya: I really appreciate everything you've done for The Chariot. Besides from having been friends with me from like 6th grade, you were an amazing editor and rolemodel for us. I'll remember playing amongus with you at like 1AM and all the interesting conversations we had together. Thanks again, and I wish you the best for your future!

Grace: You were literally so fun to talked to and always brought a bubbly aura with you to layout. It really brightened up the mood, even when we were frustratedly editing articles. Thanks for all the help, and I wish you the best for your life. You're literally going to rock it!!!

Kaitlyn: KAITLYNNNNNNNNN! You were always so dedicated and passionate about The Chariot and I seriously thank you for that, like seriously. You're unbelieveble intelligent, hard working and kind, so don't doubt yourself about this! I know you are going to do amazing things because you always held that fire in your heart and was super compassionate, so don't stress to much about it (I promise you are going to be fine!). You were a great edition to The Chariot, and I appreciated all the work you put in writing such important articles and helping writers. Good luck next year!

Christina: Hullo! I always really loved that when we needed someone at layout, you were always there. You really joined the community and helped so much, so thanks for being there for us. I remember all old the sweet tarts we ate and the yummy snacks we had. Thanks for being such a bright light in the room that I could share my love of Student Activities coffee with. I wish you the best for next year, and I know you are going to be amazingggg.

Rachel P: Heyyyyyyy! You're literally one of the most sweetest people I know and a fantastic editor. Entertainment was a literal powerhouse, and you always amazed us with how fast you edited and layed out your articles. I appreciate how you frequently came to layout and always were so on point with the headlines, like it took you one try. I know entertainment is going to be fine next year because you and Julia are literally a dynamic duo! I hope you have a great summer!

Julia: Hallloooooo! Your bubbly way of bouncing and skipping into each layout session always made the mood so happy! Thank you for the energy and work you brought. Entertainment was so strong, and your dedication and editing abilities are super appreciated. Thanks for always helping with texting none Chariot people, and the awesome photo ideas. I know entertainment is going to be okay next year because you and Rachel are literal superstars. Have an amazing summer!

Deb: Thanks for all the funny commentary and stories you told at layout. When everyone was tired and ready to lose it, you really helped wake us up with your fun jokes and laughs. We really are glad you always were so quick with social media things and reminds. You also always joined the staff and came to distribution to help which was so kind and amazing. I know you are going to do great things with your passion, so have a great next year and summer!

Staff Writers: Hey guys! Thanks so much for everything. Even though you guys are relatively new to this team, you guys fit in perfectly. We are seriously grateful for the hardwork and all the times you guys would be ready to take any article we needed written. The job isn't easy but you guys always overachieved and made such beautiful articles. Thank you guys! I have faith you guys will continue to be great writers and more!!!

Artists: WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR THE BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE AND STUNNING CARTOONS WE GET EVERY ISSUE! We know it takes a long time for you guys to draw, so the fact that you guys are making like 15 cartoons per issue is insane. We wouldn't be able to have a paper without your work and dedication. Thank you guys and good luck next year!!

Photography: All the photos you guys take and the numerous school events you guys go to in order to get a good photo really show your dedication and passion for this art. We thank you for all the photos and everything you have done for us. Good luck next year!

Mrs.Mannle: Hello Mrs.Mannle. This time I used Mrs because I assumed this would be allowed....I hope. This is the hardest of all the letters to write because of all the time we've spent together. I can't believe that this is all ending so soon. It felt like just only yesterday when we became Editors in Chief, and now, it's over in a blur. I remember when I first had you as my 10th grade teacher, and I thank you for sparking a fire in me to improve my writing. I use to not believe that I could become an English person until you encouraged me to improve and better my writing. If you weren't there for me then, I would not have been giving this amazing experience, and I'm thankful for that. All the times you spoke to me genuinely and helped me with problems (writing, grammar and just life) really helped so much. You are like family to me and was always a comforting figure in pushing me to grow. It's almost bittersweet that this is the final issue because I get to really see how far we have all come but it's now all over. Despite Chariot being finished, I will definitely see you around school, maybe prom, and hopefully during college. I will visit and jump through the window with Greg, just like Olivia and Saanvi. Thank you for everything, and I have a strong feeling that the paper will be amazing next year!

Greg: always pushed me under the bus whenever you made a mistake and got caught, but I shall forgive you for the sake of my letter. When we first got this position, we were so scared, especially because we knew nothing. But, five issues and approximately 25 boxes of pizza later and now we did it. We finished! I remember when Olivia and Saanvi first surprised us about it, I was so shocked, but now it's real. I know sometimes I was really annoying, texting you about Chariot all the times, but thanks for being there for me and really making this work. I literally would not have been able to do it without you, and I'm so grateful that you were my co. Thanks for everything and I wish you the best!


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