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Putting the "Glad" in Gladiator

By Tina Torre

Chanting students displaying their pride and joy for New Hyde Park is the epitome of school spirit. The NHP school community, as well as the teams on and off the field, feed off the positive energy student sections radiate.

Gladnation’s mission is to bring fans like these to every varsity sports game at NHP. Students crave to feel the same emotional rush that fans in the student section experience after a phenomenal play. It is most known for planning themed games for NHP sports and keeping the fans updated with their Instagram account @nhpgladiatornation. Members of the club and other spectators show their support by dressing to fit the theme. From cowboy hats and boots to red, white and blue face paint, Gladnation members display their pride and passion for New Hyde Park.

Gladnation has already hosted three themed games. The first game was a white-out for varsity football against Baldwin High School on September 25. The fans sported white clothes, bandanas, face paint and other white apparel. New Hyde Park’s Romanettes, twirlers, cheerleaders and marching band performed their routines at halftime, which contributed to the school spirit circulating in the student section. NHP fans became the loudest towards the end of the game when players Nick DePompeis and Dominic Fulgieri scored touchdowns. New Hyde Park came out on top, winning 34-20 against Baldwin. The game resulted in cheering and overwhelming bliss emitting from Gladnation, players and the rest of the fan base.

Source From Faiza Ahmed

NHP fans dress in white apparel to show their support.

The following two Gladnation games resulted in wins for New Hyde Park. The girls varsity soccer Pink Out game consisted of fans filling the student section in pink hats, bows, and t-shirts. Riley Griffin scored two goals and Sofia Bigeni scored another. The girls won 3-2 against Kennedy Bellmore High School. The student section and the athletes showed their overwhelming support for breast cancer awareness.

October 9 was Gladnation’s USA themed game for varsity football. The stands were filled with parents, students and alumni creating an encouraging fan base. Gladnation set up a table where officers sold small American flags, red, white and blue leis, bandanas and headbands to fundraise. The table was mostly populated by students seeking out Gladnation’s free tattoo station.

“I definitely think it was a fun way to bring in a more interactive aspect to games...”

“The most memorable part of this was being able to place these semi-permanent tattoos on spectators. Yelling from the gate ‘Free tattoos! Free tattoos!’ and seeing the smile on people's faces when you peel away the plastic and the tattoo is revealed was so nice. I definitely think it was a fun way to bring in a more interactive aspect to games, and I can’t wait to do more events this season,” said junior Brenda Bolouvi, one of Gladnation’s vice presidents.

The USA game ended in a New Hyde Park win 41-0 against Calhoun. Fans and athletes were especially touched by this win, given that it was football’s senior game that celebrated their 20 seniors.

Source by Anna Detke

Cheering fans celebrate a varisty football win.

“It was fun watching the team get a big win for such an important game,” said freshman Cameron Conroy.

Gladnation’s presence this fall season has had a positive impact, increasing morale in both the fans and the athletes alike.


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