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Fall in the Halls: A New Season of Fashion for NHP

By Michelina Ragusa

Fall is finally here, leading to a drastic change in fashion from summer attire. Many students are switching shorter clothes such as t-shirts and shorts for alternatives such as sweaters and scarves. As one of the most popular seasons for clothing trends, fall inspires people to take advantage of the autumnal weather and begin to layer their clothing. Many opt to wear warmer clothing such as fall coats while others take advantage of the moderate weather to wear skirts. The opportunities for fashion are endless, as are the trends that arise year by year.

Source from Julia Tews

Senior Julia Tews wears a black dress with a white cropped button-up shirt and gold necklaces.

Whether it be the length or material, a variety of new styles of jeans and pants has become very popular. Wide legged slacks, elevated cargo pants, as well as loose tapered trousers are a few examples of new fall trends.

“I like to incorporate a lot of wide legged pants in my wardrobe,” junior Eliana Park said. “I would recommend everyone to try them out, they could look good on anyone.”

Source from Michelina Ragusa

Eighth grader Olive Isner sports loose tapered trousers and a big shirt, which are fall fashion staples.

Shoes are another important component of fall fashion. This summer, shoes such as sandals, sneakers and flat toe shoes have been very popular. These shoes have made an appearance this fall alongside boots, square toes flats, clogs and lug sole loafers.

“I’ve seen more students start wearing warmer shoes, such as boots or clogs in the hallways,” sophomore Arvin Ghai said.

Source from Julia Tews

Many students embrace a variety of footwear, including cowboy boots, platform boots and loafers.

Many students at NHP have started wearing sweaters to keep warm. Different styles of the sweater such as off-the-shoulder and turtleneck make the garment very flexible in an outfit. Leather jackets are yet another popular clothing item that has entered fall fashion. These jackets can be worn in all types of weather, and provide stylish protection from nature.

“I’m excited to start seeing sweaters again this fall,” eighth grader Leah John said. “Seeing them gets me excited that the weather is finally starting to get colder and I don’t have to deal with the summer heat. I also think sweaters are very comfortable to wear.”


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