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Cricket Recap: 2023 World Cup & Anticipating the ICC Men’s T20 2024

By Aayan Ahmed and Sahir Bhatia

As the dust settles on the recently concluded 2023 Cricket World Cup, cricket enthusiasts at NHP are left with recounts of outstanding performances on the field and unexpected upsets. Students speculated on the potential outcomes, expecting traditional powerhouses such as England, India and Australia to succeed. 

“I was hoping that either India or England would win the trophy, as they had been performing very well leading up to the tournament,” junior Usman Iqbal said.

Each team brought a unique combination of experiences to the tournament. From previous champions like India and Australia to teams looking for their first success such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the cricket World Cup showcased a diverse range of playing styles and strategies. India, led by captain Rohit Sharma, entered the World Cup with a variety of youth and experience. Australia, under the captaincy of Pat Cummins, showcased a bowling attack with the second ranked ICC bowler in Josh Hazlewood. 

Reproduced with permission from Wikimedia Commons

Cricket's popularity as one of the fastest growing sports in the world attracts many fans of the Cricket World Cup.

The 2023 Cricket World Cup was not short on upsets, with several lower-seeded nations toppling their higher-ranked counterparts. The Netherlands, a team ranked 14th in One Day Internationals shockingly defeated the star-studded 3rd-ranked South Africa, displaying the Netherlands’ competitive spirit. In Australia’s defeat over Afghanistan, Glenn Maxwell scored an unbeaten 200 runs, rescuing his team from the brink of defeat and breaking the record for the most runs scored in one inning by a player at the World Cup. The tournament concluded with Australia defeating hometown hopefuls India in the final capped by a performance with contributions from the entire team.

“While I was disappointed that India lost in the final, the tournament overall was full of great cricket to watch and enjoy,” junior Alexander Tomalski said.

The upcoming World Cup is a different, shorter format of the game known as T20. Additionally, it will be played in the United States and the Caribbean. A huge mark for the growth of cricket in the US, this World Cup could serve to inspire and educate Americans about the game. 

The 2023 Cricket World Cup was not short on upsets ...”

The International Cricket Council is planning to have one of the venues for the World Cup right here in Nassau County. Eisenhower Park, in East Meadow, NY has been marked as the potential location for the building of a temporary cricket stadium. Students believe that for such a large global sporting event to be held so close to our home is incredibly important and will drastically impact the future of the game. 

“I believe that the World Cup being potentially held in the U.S. and even in Nassau County will hugely benefit both the game of cricket and its growth in the U.S., which hasn’t been exposed to cricket that much,” junior Ricky Singh said.

The growth of cricket is a prospect for American sports enthusiasts to look forward to. Students at NHP hope the 2024 World Cup will be a success and kickstart the process of the USA becoming a major global cricketing nation.


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