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Mr. Cobb Takes Over as Head Coach of Boys Varsity Basketball

By Jacob Boldur

The boys varsity basketball team at New Hyde Park Memorial is back on the court. However, this season, the team is experiencing a change; NHP school counselor Mr. Cobb is the new head coach of the boys varsity basketball team. Players on the team seem to be excited about this new opportunity.

“I'm excited to have a new coach to have a fresh start,” junior Frankie Mangoine said. “I think we'll have a good year. Hopefully we can win a good amount of games and make the playoffs.”

Students and faculty believe that Mr. Cobb has the experience to help give New Hyde Park a successful season. He coached Floral Park’s varsity football team and had an overall positive record at the end of their season. Many believe the skills Mr. Cobb developed coaching the Floral Park Knights will help New Hyde Park’s varsity athletes. His coaching abilities and redeeming qualities have already grabbed the attention of students and staff.

“Coach Cobb possesses several qualities that make him well suited for success,” NHP athletic director Mr. Maguire said. “His positive energy will likely contribute to a motivating and uplifting team environment. His knowledge of the game and previous coaching experience at Floral Park demonstrates a strong foundation in basketball strategy.”

“Coach has changed our attitude to make us want to be more successful and have a positive mindset,” junior Alex Lugo said. “Coach is very committed to help us win so he always has us watching film. He is always keeping in touch with us.” 

Some students believe that Mr. Cobb’s role as a guidance counselor allows him to further develop bonds and understanding between his students and student-athletes. Similarly, Mr. Cobb’s experience as a football coach gives him another perspective on working with student-athletes and will develop an atmosphere to help students thrive. Moreover, these experiences of his allude to a successful season. 

Source by Areej Zaidi

Coach Cobb speaks to his players, giving pointers to help them further their skills.

“I think we are going to have big improvements this year because Coach Cobb brings a lot of energy to practice and he’s very relatable to the players,” senior Anthony LaSala said.

“The wins and losses will take care of themselves,” Mr. Cobb said. “Our schedule will be competitive, but we have a group of hard working guys. Man for man I believe we can be fine in every game, but it will come down to executing and putting it together as a team. There is a good mix of seniors and young players on the team which I believe is good for the present and the future of the program.”

As Coach Cobb says, the team has players ranging from ninth to twelfth grade, and while this may be unusual for a varsity team, Coach Cobb also believes that the talent and effort that the team possesses support the success they are capable of achieving. 

“I am excited to take over the New Hyde Park basketball program,” Mr. Cobb said. “Leaving Floral Park was tough because of the rapport that I had built with the athletes, but I have already started building great relationships with the athletes here. I'm grateful for the opportunity to not only be a school counselor here at New Hyde Park but to now coach in the same building.”


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