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NHP's Adventures: Costa Rica 2024

By Jacob Boldur

Source from Olivia Tomalska

Upon arrival to Costa Rica, students were fascinated by the country's views, encapsulating many of them via photographs.

As New Hyde Park Memorial was preparing for February break, a group of students and a few teachers were preparing for something the opposite: a week of adventure in Costa Rica.

Takeoff from Newark Airport to the capital of San Jose took place on the morning of Friday, February 16. After an approximately five-hour flight, the plane landed in Costa Rica at around noon local time. 

“Costa Rica was truly a cultural awakening that introduced my friends and me to amazing experiences and delightful food,” senior Mia Cho said. “It was such a pleasure to participate in a special celebration of culture and it was extremely fascinating to see how other people live their everyday lives.”

The group met up with an ACIS tour guide who stayed with them for the entirety of the trip. Along with the tour guide, Daniel Fernandez, chaperones Mrs. Pincay, Mrs. Tiwari, Mr. Montoya, Mr. DiScala and Mr. Pierre helped students explore and learn various aspects about Costa Rica and its culture. On top of expanding their knowledge of the culture, NHP’s students and chaperones were able to develop great bonds with each other and experience once in a lifetime events. Main events that the students were able to participate in included zip lining five thousand feet up in the mountains, boat trips, forest hikes, horseback riding, painting lessons, dance lessons, scuba diving and beach days. On top of this variety of activities, the group was able to enjoy delicious Costa Rican food, which for many of the students was an entirely new cuisine. 

Source from Olivia Tomalska

Senior Olivia Tomalska embraces the beautiful nature and new culture of Costa Rica.

“I’d say my favorite part about Costa Rica was the cooking class,” senior Isabella Gomes said. “I loved how we were able to connect with locals. The ladies were sweet and patient with us as we attempted to cook the dish and ultimately it was delicious and very nice to learn more recipes from Costa Rica.”

“It was extremely enlightening to experience the difference in lifestyle that Costa Ricans follow, like all the accommodations made for its exotic flora and fauna,” senior Isabella Chu said.

Overall, students had a great time on this educational and fun trip. As their tour guide Daniel emphasized throughout the trip, traveling opens up new ways and opportunities, and shows us that there are multiple ways to do something. There is no such thing as one correct way for something to be done, and students were able to take this message with them throughout their adventures, leaving them with lasting memories and a greater appreciation for the world around them.

Source by Jacob Boldur

NHP's students and faculty culminated their vacation in good spirits and an appreciation for Costa Rican culture.


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