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College Football Playoffs: Who's Going Home?

By Jash Mody and Aditya Nair

The teams in the 2023-2024 college football playoffs have finally been set in stone, and NHP’s college football fanatics have claimed the season to be an exciting, competitive and unexpected journey.

“This might be the greatest season of college football I’ve ever watched,” senior Varun Devjani said. “The CFP committee’s decisions are questionable, but the game-winning drives and record breaking accomplishments of these players show that the NFL has a future.” 

The college football playoffs are composed of a four-team playoff knockout. The top 4 teams are Michigan (13-0), Washington (13-0), Texas (12-1), and Alabama (12-1), respectively. These teams will continue to compete in the semifinals. After defeating Iowa in the Big Ten Championship and led by quarterback JJ McCarthy, the Michigan Wolverines are first in the Associated Press poll and Big Ten East. Washington is second in the AP poll led by their quarterback and Heisman award finalist, Michael Penix Jr. Texas is third in the poll and is led by transfer Quinn Ewers. Finally, Alabama is ranked fourth in the AP poll and led by quarterback Jalen Milroe. 

Source by Ann Aphraim

Brackets filled, fans anticpiate the commencement of the college football playoffs.

“I think Washington’s going to win the College Football Playoff,” junior Charles Vasquez said. “I believe that they can beat Texas and then go on and beat Alabama. Michael Penix Jr. has been elite all year and led his squad to be 13-0. I don’t see any signs of them slowing down.”

“To eliminate a talented team from a chance to win a national championship is a disgrace...”

Florida State has been the highlight post-CFP selection committee's decision on the seeding for the playoffs. The Seminoles went 13-0 and were left out of the playoffs. The historical season for FSU was marked short, as this was only the third time in their history with an undefeated record. Their quarterback, Jordan Travis, suffered a broken leg in FSU’s home game against North Alabama, concluding his season and leaving the fate of the Seminoles in the hands of Tate Rodemaker. After leading the team to a win, Rodemaker suffered a head injury, again passing the team to another quarterback: freshman Brock Glenn. Glenn led his team to victory against Louisville with the score being 16-6. Despite the two victories with the backup quarterbacks, FSU was still denied entry to the playoffs. Many fans and students in NHP have expressed disapproval of this controversial decision. 

“This is truly unfair,” junior Devan Shah said. “I am so mad. Florida State is the top dog champions and they are being removed over a quarterback injury. Oh my goodness. This committee is rigged!”

“To eliminate a talented team from a chance to win a national championship is a disgrace to the hard work and accomplishments of players involved,” junior Tyler Lopez said.

According to Fox Sports, Michigan is on top with +160. Next is Alabama Crimson Tide with +200, Texas Longhorns with +300, and Washington Huskies with +700. Furthermore, the championship title is predicted to be the Michigan Wolverines v. the Texas Longhorns with Michigan reigning victorious. Despite these predictions, NHP students have their own hopes for what is to come of the playoffs. 

“I don’t care what the odds say, Alabama is winning,” junior Richard Shibu said. “They have been the best college football team for years. Jalen Milroe is also a highlight to watch.”

The CFP Playoffs kick off on January 1 and NHP’s ecstatic fans can’t wait for the highly anticipated battles between the top four teams in the country. 


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