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Closets in Bloom

By Jaimy Mathew

Nowadays, the devil wears a pair of sweats and an oversized hoodie. Through the halls of NHP, people’s closets are slowly coming out of hibernation and making a dramatic change in their fashion lifestyle. Throughout the month, students saw the emergence of pastel colors and bright, fun outfits walking down the halls every period. So how does one show up to school all glammed up, even for period 0? It is quite easy according to many students from NHP.

Source by Jaimy Mathew

Freshmen Fiona Lynne and Bani Kaur are prepared for a day of fun in their mini dresses.

"I think I'll wear a lot of pastels this spring, maybe mix some colors up and pair it with solid colors like white or beige," freshman Tiffany Tso said.

Every season, a new crop top or skirt hits people’s carts. But how does one stay fashionable without going broke? Many people have different tastes, so it will vary on how students find these specific pieces. Some may go thrifting to find cute vintage outfits, while others who have the money to buy expensive clothes may not thrift. Most thrift stores are essential to people who have a low income, allowing them to recycle clothing for a more affordable price. Another tip is browsing different stores; each store has its own style. If one needs feminine clothes, students can shop at Esther Boutique, Morning Lavender or Francesca’s Clothing. Most of these clothing brands are popular for having some of the most feminine clothes for this season. Of course, these brands are at feasible prices with numerous sizes. Spring fashion 2022 in NHP will mainly be floral patterns and pastel colors for many, since it is currently the global trend.

Source by Jamie Mathew

Freshmen Suha Tasfia adorns pastel colors to welcome the flowers blooming in the spring.

When it comes to spring fashion, some people, like freshman Suha Tasfia, find ways to dress modestly. Long floral dresses can always be the go-to for any picnic. Long maxi skirts are coming back in trend, especially when paired with a bishop sleeved top. Cardigans are versatile and styled for every season and most occasions, and people wear them over nearly anything. They come in different colors, materials and lengths, making them perfect to easily customize their outfit.

"Even though I prefer to dress modestly, it doesn't mean I can't look pretty or dress unique in a way that makes me feel good. I feel like there's often a stigma that says you can't dress pretty and modest, and that's completely incorrect. Dressing up in colorful skirts, patterned shirts, sparkly hijabs, puffy sleeves, and my signature combat boots make me feel confident in myself, and as I grow older, I expect my fashion to reflect my changing self. We're in high school now, so might as well have fun with it," Suha said.

”I reorganize my closet by going through any clothes that don’t fit me anymore and keep them aside to donate. I bring out all the clothes that are more fitting for spring like brighter colors and shorter pieces,” senior Faiza Ahmed said.

Source by Jaimy Mathew

Senior Faiza Ahmed fashionably attends a museum exhibit in her minimalistic clothing.


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