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"Brutal" Reviews

By Hitesha Hatta

Olivia Rodrigo fans are outraged by her merchandise line to promote her debut album, “SOUR.” When Rodrigo's clothing line took off, fans were enthusiastic to order and support an up-and-coming artist. Fans described the advertisements as “fantastic” and “aesthetic.” However, their hopes and expectations quickly dissipated.

Clothing arrived damaged, looking nothing like what was being advertised. Shirts that advertised as lavender arrived in light blue, and bucket hats were smaller than the average adult head, almost as if they were designed to fit toddlers.

“When my shipment first arrived, I thought it was Gildan. I don’t think I’d ever buy from Olivia again,” said junior Nikson Alex.

Artwork by Saffah Azeem

People are extremely displeased due to the quality of Olivia Rodrigo's merchandise.

After hearing such negative reviews of the merchandise, many rushed to cancel their orders in hopes of a refund due to the fear of their clothes arriving as badly as they were perceived on social media.

Most who bought the products could agree that Rodrigo's merch team greatly disappointed patrons, not only with the quality of the clothes, but also with the time that it took for the clothes to arrive.

“My hoodie took almost a month and a half to get here, and it didn’t really meet my expectations considering the prices,” said junior Alyssa Hardeen.

Prices range from $30-60 per article of clothing without meeting the expectations of the consumer.

The disappointment resulting from Olivia’s “SOUR” merch left a “brutal” impact on Olivia and her design team’s reputation.


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