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Fun Fall Fashion

By Dejana Gillespie

There is so much to catch up on and to be up to date regarding fall fashion for 2021: neutrals, flannels, flare yoga pants, mom jeans and crewnecks. The latest fashion trends have been heavily influenced by social media apps such as TikTok and Pinterest. Many people have started to experiment with different patterns or styles that they may have never tried before. As seen around school, there are many students that feel comfortable expressing their style.

As many people have seen on TikTok, Real Me High Waisted Crossover Flare Leggings from Aerie are a necessity for this fall. These leggings are not only comfortable but also versatile. These leggings can be dressed up with a flannel and a plain tee or even dressed down with a graphic t-shirt. They are a must-have and vary in colors and sizes. From basic true black to eye-catching mauve, there are many tones for this fall season. Due to the heightened popularity of this item, they are frequently sold out. When they are in stock, there isn’t enough time for everyone to purchase them. Those who want to buy them must keep refreshing their browsers to grab them before they sell out.

Source from Kaitlyn Bell, Shirley Chen and Julia Esposito

Sophomore Kaitlyn Bell poses in school wearing black flare leggings; senior Shirley Chen and junior Julia Esposito take mirror selfies showing off their flare jeans.

Another very popular item is Doc Martens. These combat boots have a huge imprint on fashion and can be styled in many different ways. These boots get paired with anything from casual mom jeans to a timeless black dress, creating a statement.

Neutrals are very fitting for this fall season. Neutral sweatsuits for gym class or even collared sweaters with mom jeans are two of the many outfits that people can wear to feel not only comfortable but fitted for the fall season.

Students have their own opinions about these trends.

“I’ve seen a lot of yoga pants and sweatshirts around school. I think most of the fashion I’ve seen around the halls is inspired by Tik Tok and different social media platforms,” said junior Melinda Mathew.

“Students have been more motivated to dress up due to COVID-19, since it was difficult for them to express themselves during remote learning...”

“A lot of people are wearing baggy clothes,” said junior Naomi Rodriguez.

Many students like feeling comfortable and confident when learning. Students have been more motivated to dress up due to COVID-19, since it was difficult for them to express themselves during remote learning.

“I feel that students dress up for school because it’s a way to express themselves. I think waking up for school and starting your day by getting ready and dressing in an outfit you feel most confident in makes a person feel comfortable and motivated for the school day,” said junior Melanie Alex.

In addition to these trends are the essential accessory, face masks. A staple in America since 2020, masks are fundamental to keeping others safe and healthy. But they are not new to the fashion world and are a vital accessory for safety and looks.

“I think that masks shouldn’t have too much of an effect on fall style and fashion trends because there are multiple ways to make it work. Like I normally wear a black disposable mask which works with pretty much anything and even the blue ones can work with certain outfits,” said freshman Sahir Bhatia.

Fall fashion can be many different things, but one thing for certain is that it's always comfortable and cute. Make sure to get these items before they run out.


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