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Back to the Future: NHP Seniors Take a Trip Through Time on Decade Day

By Rachel Jacob

On Wednesday, February 14, seniors rewinded time to experience the different fashion styles that dominated earlier decades. From exploring the high-waisted flared pants of the 70s to the denim jackets of the 90s, Senior Week’s Decade Day allowed students to explore fashion styles foreign to modern times. Many seniors enjoyed experiencing the variety of styles the day had to offer. 

Source by Rachel Jacob

Seniors Safiya Hamdani, Olivia Loubriel, Trisha George, Alina Vathapally, Riya Lukose and Subreina Kaura along with Spanish teacher Ms. Pincay pose in outfits representing their respective decades.

“Decade Day was so thrilling. It was so fun to dress up in the same fashion our parents once had,” senior Safiya Hamdani said. “I know a bunch of people did research on the trends of their decade, myself included, so it was so interesting to see how they all played out!”

“Most seniors usually went for a 70s, 80s, or 90s style for Decade Day, so it was cool to see the interesting kinds of styles according to those days,” senior Ian Alana said.

Source by Rachel Jacob

Seniors Mia Seeto, Olivia Tomalska, Joe Reo and Georgina Giannatsis coordinate a group outfit as different decades of the United States.

The preparation behind finding styles that best suit the decade they wished to reciprocate was also a thrilling challenge for many seniors.


“The process of looking into decades to choose was really rewarding. As someone who loves fashion, I really enjoyed being able to learn about different trends and styles that were in,” senior Safaa Mufti said. “I dressed up as the nineties because my wardrobe is already inspired by it but I loved being able to see other time periods come to life in the hallways.”

“Everyone put a lot of thought and effort into their outfits and chose something meaningful or interesting to them,” senior Sania Daniyal said. “The group costumes were also nice to see because they had various ways to dress during a specific decade.”

Many seniors also enjoyed the creativity that comes with finding different garments and accessories for the day.

“I thought the costumes were very unique and fun. My friends and I did a 90s theme with Denim and leather jackets with a bandanna,” senior Pratham Desai stated.

“My favorite costume was Matthew Roshan’s. He literally cosplayed as someone with a beard and sunglasses,”  senior Rupinder Saundh said.

The innovative outfits for this year’s Decade Day inspired numerous reactions from juniors who would be participating in the same event next year.

“I really enjoyed seeing the seniors come up with creative costume ideas,” junior Janvi Acharya said. “It was a very fun and unique experience walking through the hallways and seeing so many different characters from various decades.”

“Viewing the Decade Day costumes during senior week was super fun to see,” junior Tiffany Tso said. “I saw costumes that made me laugh and many had my eyes wide open with surprise. The costumes that the seniors wore made me excited to dress up for decades in my senior year!”


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