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Appeasing Apple's Audience

By Divya Gottiparthy

Apple has announced the comings and creations of many new products over the course of 2021. This includes the iPhone 13 series, the awaited AirPods 3, the new iPad and iPad Mini, the powerhouse MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips and more. Focusing their attention on software, the company has also announced that a big chunk of their investments involve progressing from iOS 14.5 to iOS 15.

Apple always releases its annual operating system updates in the months of September and October. Many of these software enhancements are to introduce new features that add to the Apple experience. For the iOS 15 update, Apple users can make the most of new features, such as a new and improved FaceTime experience that is now Windows and Android user-friendly, AI technology that can tell what is in a specific photo including text messages, notification control during off hours, Apple Maps notifications and reminders, a redesigned Safari layout, enhanced privacy protection and faster web browsing.

Source by Kristen Schneider

Apple recently released iPhone 13 Pro this past September.

“I’m impressed with Apple’s dedication to inclusivity this year. The new FaceTime update allows me to see some of my family members that I couldn’t reach before,” said senior Nicole Lelay.

With all these new additions, Apple seems to have made a drastic change in their software and the efficiency of their products to adapt to the time and age. Many students and teachers in the New Hyde Park community have taken notice of and complimented the new changes and updates of their devices, enjoying the new improvements. Although the adaptability may be a discomfort to most, the new update is widely known to have features that do in fact add to the users experience.

“I’ve never really paid attention to software updates, but iOS 15 changed many small things on the iPad that made all the difference when using it, like the new Safari setup and the notification control feature. However, overall, I think the updates show significantly through my iPhone more than on my iPad,” said senior Angelina Alexander.

Along with software updates, new products are being introduced into the market. The company announced their release of new AirPods, MacBook Pros, colorful HomePod Minis and many more. On October 18, Apple hosted an “Unleashed” event which focused on its new high-end MacBook Pro models and third generation AirPods, as well as some new colors for the HomePod mini. Apple also introduced a lower cost “Voice Plan” for Apple Music. Though the showcase was the last one for the year, Apple reported hopes of introducing new features and products both in software and hardware in the coming months.


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