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A Call for Climate Action

By Janvi Acharya

Climate change refers to global warming and long-term shifts in temperature and weather patterns, most of which are a result of human activity. It has been an ongoing issue for many years, but this year, its effects have been drastic.

In the coming years, scientists estimate that the average worldwide temperature will rise about 2.7 degrees Celsius. Hence, these increased temperatures can lead to the rapid melting of ice caps, rise of sea levels and more acidic oceans. In addition, heat bursts, when temperatures rise sharply and plummet in a short amount of time, can produce a large impact. Recently, many places are experiencing this rare phenomenon as a direct result of climate change.

Source by Ann Aphraim

Recent increasing temperatures have led to many consequences such as higher sea levels.

In New Hyde Park, students report that temperatures have hiked up one week and dropped the next. These outcomes are causing many to raise their concerns.

“I already feel the changes for climate change are drastic because this year, the temperatures are varying quite a lot. For example, one week it’s really nice and warm and the next week it’s freezing. This year the climate change that’s been happening is extreme,” junior Jada Marie Perez said.

“The effects are very extreme, and people should make a more conscious effort to do things such as walking or riding a bike rather than driving to places,” sophomore Eliana Park said.

The United Nations released ten ways to help in an article regarding combating climate change. Some include saving electricity, following the three R’s: reuse, reduce, recycle, and switching to electric-powered vehicles or choosing alternative methods of transportation, such as walking. Additionally, the concept of switching to solar power has grown in popularity with solar panels being cheaper and easier to install. Many homes and public facilities are switching to such renewable energy. New Hyde Park Memorial High School uses solar panels, helping alleviate climate change.

At NHP, members of the Model UN club have been discussing and debating the effects of climate change and possible solutions.

“As a sophomore who debated and learned about climate change when I was in the class, I've become familiar with the extent to which climate change is actually affecting our world. I've always considered it an important issue, and I think that it’s important that we discuss it in school settings so our generation can learn and possibly grow to help change and innovate in a way that can help our world and mitigate climate change,” sophomore Deborah Aderibigbe said.


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