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Summer Trends as Spring Ends

By Rachel Priest

As summer approaches, many feel clothing attire must be comfortable and, of course, fashionable. This year is said by Glamour magazine to consist of a multitude of styles to heighten one’s look, including clothing incorporating the color lavender, utility pockets, bows and sheer pieces.

Although the weather has remained on the cooler side, many students at NHP Memorial are ready to take their summer clothes out of their closet and experiment with new ideas.

“I’m excited to wear flowy shorts because they’re so stylish, yet you can dress them up or down. I also just got a crochet sweater because I know they’re ‘in’ this summer and it would be perfect to wear on the beach,” senior Arianna Bianculli said.

“Dressing for the summer can be tricky,” junior Olivia Loubriel said. “You have to account for the high temperature in the day and the cool breeze at night. Layers are a perfect way to tackle summer fashion whether it be jeans with a tank top and cover-up or shorts with a graphic tee.”

Source from Olivia Loubriel

Olivia slays her white tank with a plaid, green flannel with low-rise jeans.

“This summer I want to see a lot of silky dresses because I think they look so elegant and flattering. The light material doesn’t get that hot on warmer days, which is a plus as well,” senior Nicole DiMartino said.

“White linen pants and linen polo shirts will be trendy this year, and I will be buying them for this summer,” senior Joel Massey said.

Sources by Rachel Priest and Julia Esposito

Rachel and Julia step into summer with their flowy, linen pants.

Some take their fashion choices into their own hands by crocheting clothing items themselves. These pieces have become increasingly popular because instead of purchasing them for what some students think to be an overpriced amount, they could be created with just a ball of yarn and a hook.

“I'm especially excited to crochet some colorful headbands and earrings for the summer,” senior Shadia Zayer said.

Although fashion is a way for an individual to express themselves, schools encourage students to keep the creative liberties appropriate. At NHP, the dress code is enforced every year during the month of May because as the temperature gets hotter, some students tend to wear less. Although some may feel this is restricting their fashion freedom, NHP faculty prioritizes the appropriateness of clothing in learning environments.

Overall, summer fashion is coming up on the horizon and students are ready to show off their creative looks this summer.


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