Loco For Hoco

After a year of many school events being cancelled, students were excited to enjoy homecoming this past weekend.

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To our readers, 


Welcome to the first “Letter to the Reader” of the 2021-2022 school year. We are excited to introduce a diverse number of new topics and articles for the October issue including changes to school sports, recaps of recent school events, social and political issues and popular shows. 

Every section has been hard at work to provide and publish an expansive and unique collection of articles that are applicable to the New Hyde Park community and our school. We are excited to work with our new staff throughout the school year.

In News, we have highlighted a number of important relevant topics that focus on the students and staff at New Hyde Park Memorial. These include events such as Pink October,  Homecoming and the switch from Parent Portal to Infinite Campus. If you would like to read and learn more about new staff here at NHP we would suggest reading “New Glads,” which will introduce recent additions to the NHP staff every issue. In Features, we have covered topics ranging from recent social issues and politics within the United States. We have worked hard to compile a considerable amount of student opinions and quotes regarding many topics such as “Fun Fall Fashion” and “‘Brutal’ Reviews.” 

Sports focuses on Gladnation’s revival, the highlights of Pep Rally and a sit-down with New Hyde Park’s new athletic director Mr. Patrick Maguire. If you are interested in recent football news, we would recommend reading “NHP "Carey"ed a Win,” for an insight on the NHP’s win against Carey. Entertainment includes the newest releases of shows and movies from “Squid Game” to Marvel’s “What if?” We also update readers on the reopening of Broadway and how performances have been affected by COVID as well as other topics such as Jojo Siwa’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars. 

Following remote learning and the challenges of COVID-19 we are excited to have everyone back in school and a lot of new writers on our staff. We are anxiously awaiting our critique from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). 

On behalf of The Chariot, we would like to thank you for reading this issue and wish you a good and healthful start to the year. 




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