The Sharioot

Welcome to the annual satire issue of The Chariot! Read about biology teacher Ms. Gelber turned dictator, a mysterious growth spurt, and the much anticipated return of GoodNotes.

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Screen Time

Statistics Skyrocket

Due to the pandemic, students spend more time at home, causing their screen times to drastically increase. 

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Dear readers,


Along with the introduction of the April Issue, we would like to welcome you to this season’s “Letter to the Readers.” The spring issue accommodates the changing atmosphere in our school and the world, containing articles about testing updates, the increase in public immunization, and the advancements made in sports to overcome the pandemic.


Each section has worked tirelessly to include articles that touch upon a wide range of topics that have affected the New Hyde Park community and even society as a whole.


In this issue, the News section has highlighted many different issues that affect students at NHP, such as updates concerning Regents and other state examinations, advice to current juniors about their upcoming college applications, and the rundown on Ramadan, a holy month in Islam. Features has a wider range of articles from screen time trends to student opinions about Ivy League schools. For students who are preparing to take AP tests in May, we recommend reading “Study Column: Studying Smarter, Not Harder,” which shares tips and advice from other students about effective studying habits. 


On the other hand, Entertainment covers stories about popular new shows and performances, encapsulating topics like the interview with Megan Markle, Taylor Swift re-recording music, and an interview with senior Thalia Torio about her appearance on “FBI: Most Wanted.” Sports articles are filled with school spirit through the opinions of quarantined athletes, highlights of successful senior players, and the return of performing teams at football games.


The April Issue also includes The Chariot’s annual satire issue called The Sharioot. It features articles that publicize the mystery of the newspaper artists, reveal the hidden side of math chairperson Mr. Marsh, expose the growth hormones in Olivia’s Dunkin’ Donuts’ drink, and share the real uses for hand sanitizer. 


We would like to thank our readers for constantly supporting our work and coming back for another season. Due to the dedication that the writers and editors put into the newspaper, The Chariot received four Quill Awards from Adelphi’s Press Day on February 26. Sophomore Sabeena Ramdarie won first place for “Best Visual” for her thoughtful cartoon in the article “United Not Divided,” which portrayed the current political split in the nation. Senior Nasheed Choudhury won second place for “Best Feature Article” for “Student Spotlight: Instagram Inspirations,” which highlighted the hardworking students at NHP who ran thrifty businesses through social media. In addition to the fantastic writing piece, seniors Saanvi Mirchandani and Olivia Wong won second place for “Best Layout,” showing great leadership and organization within the team. To top it off, The Chariot brought a triumphant victory for NHP by earning first place for “Most Outstanding Newspaper.” 


On behalf of The Chariot, we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy as we come closer to the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

- The Chariot Staff




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