The NHP Twirlers, Romanettes and Step Team had one last performance to end the school year and to honor the teams' senior members.

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 Teacher Spotlight:
Leaders of Lance

Social Opinion Polls:
Academics, Drugs and Drinking, and Relationships and Dating

The Chariot ran a poll collecting results from seventh through 12th graders about current topics students may face. View the results here:

Upperclassmen_ I feel pressure from my parents to do well in school.png

Ukraine: Closer Than We Think

Fiona O'Reilly discusses the recent events in Ukraine and the importance with staying up to date with world news... 


Rachel Houng discusses the pressure that celebrities and influencers face to advocate for certain causes...

Activism at


Hannah Kim discusses the importance giving teens the chance to grow comfortable in their shoes...

Asian Americans Affecting Adolescents' Self-Admiration 

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