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Winter Wardrobes

By Yashvi Gupta and Adel Chen

The winter season is approaching and fashion trends have started to change. Though many trends have stayed consistent, due to the cold weather, autumn fashion has been switched out for fuzzier, cozier and warmer alternatives. Many people have been wearing patterned sweaters, puffer jackets, leg warmers and cozy shoes.

On social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, influencers continue to show off a variety of popular and festive clothing patterns and gifts. Similarly at NHP, students wear a plethora of clothing, often based on their interests and hobbies as fashion remains an outlet for students to express themselves.

NHP students have been increasingly wearing North Face puffer jackets, patterned sweaters/sweater vests and leg warmers. North Face puffer jackets have been popular due to their practicality and comfort. Patterned sweaters and sweater vests are usually layered on top of simple pieces of clothing, adding contrast to an outfit. Especially popular on social media, leg warmers can be styled in many ways, and many students like to wear them on top of leggings or under their pants. Amongst all these fashion choices, students consider various factors.

“My winter fashion is mostly influenced by wanting to keep a balance of comfort and style. I’ve seen a lot of people in leg warmers and puffer jackets, and I think they’re adorable,” eighth grader Nikita Bansal said.

“The thing that most influences my winter fashion style is definitely comfort, especially when in school. I hate to be cold, so I always keep this in mind when getting dressed,” junior Michayla Rinaldi said.

Artwork by Shadia Zayer

During the winter season, students at New Hyde Park are swapping their clothes for more festive and warmer styles.

Additionally, winter fashion is highly influenced by color palettes and various types of patterns. For instance, flannel clothing has proven to be a winter staple, as it shows up year after year during the holiday season. Colors such as bright reds, grays, dark blues, greens and blacks are especially common in plaid sweatpants.

“Flannel pieces of clothing can be very trendy and fashionable, especially during the fall and winter seasons! I personally think flannels are a fashion staple, perfect for any age group and can be paired with almost anything,” social studies teacher Ms. Psaros said.

“Most of my winter fashion is heavily influenced by winter color palettes. I try to follow them by using neutral colors. I would use more grays during the winter compared to browns or beiges. This year, I definitely believe the Y2K revival had lots of influence on the clothing I saw. This year’s style definitely resembled what most would call voluminous silhouette outfits, with vivid colors that make some bold statements,” eighth grader Dominic Cyril said.

On another note, many companies like Converse are coming out with shoes suitable for the winter season. Although warmer shoes are common in winter wardrobes, shoes like Crocs and sneakers stay popular among students at NHP.

“The hard-to-get Jordan retros and Nike Dunks are a must-have staple for all seasons. Surprisingly, crocs are also a hot commodity, even during the winter,” science teacher Ms. Phillip said.

Overall, neutral palettes and festive clothing are trending, and although everyone still has their own styles, trends can be used as guides for what to wear during the winter.

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