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Wicked Weekend Showdown

By Maddie Sepcaru

Whether it is the NFL on Sunday or college football on Saturday, both are packed with a lot of action and entertainment. However, some fans prefer one over the other because of the many differences between them.

While both generate billions of dollars and millions of viewers every year, the NFL blows college football away in revenue and fans. According to CBS, roughly 102 million people watched Super Bowl 54, while only about 20 million watched this year’s college football championship.

In addition to the variation in viewership and revenue, another difference is that there are significantly more Division I college football teams to root for, with 127 in 2020. The NFL only has 32 teams with 53 players each, whereas college teams usually have 105 players each.

The differences between the two lead to many questions, but the main question is - what does the NHP population prefer?

“I prefer the NFL over college football. I really like fantasy football and Madden, which are both centered around the NFL. I am also more familiar with the players and rules of the NFL,” said senior Daniyal Azeem.

Artwork by Sabeena Ramdarie

There are various differences between the NFL and NCAA, and many prefer one league over the other.

“I prefer to watch the NFL over the NCAA because I was never really into college football,” said girls’ varsity basketball coach Mr. Bello.

“The New York Jets are my favorites. They are a terrible team but I have been a fan of them since I was a young child. To me, they represent metro NY. I prefer the NFL over the NCAA and college football because the level of competition is heightened,” said math teacher Mr. Maltese.

“I didn’t become interested in college football until I went to Penn State. Big time college football is amazing and my first two years on campus Penn State had really good teams. In my sophomore year, we were ranked number one in the preseason polls. It was awesome to go to the games and see the entire campus rally to support the team,” said math teacher Mr. Romano.

The determination and drive of the players is part of the reason why college football is so popular...

“Personally, I prefer college football over the NFL. A lot of the guys on the roster are just normal kids who are working hard to get into a league where they can be set for life. You see guys hustling and giving their all,” said senior Araf Abbas.

A big opinion amongst professional athletes is that once an athlete becomes a professional, they lose their motivation because they already have financial freedom through their large paychecks. The determination and drive of the players is part of the reason why college football is so popular.

“I prefer college football because you get to see a lot of stunts and plays that would never get daylight during an NFL match. To me it is more entertaining,” said senior Cristopher Elledge.

Although the NFL and NCAA football have a plethora of differences, both are extremely popular sources of entertainment that bring together friends, family, and communities.


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