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Virtual Shows Ready to Go

By Rachel Priest

Award shows such as the Emmys and the VMAs are a traditional way to gather the most prestigious men and women in the industry to celebrate their accomplishments. When 2020 took a turn, the traditional setup of these popular programs had to be reevaluated.

This year, the Emmys were held in Los Angeles and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. He was physically in the building doing what a host typically would do — an intro skit, making jokes, and keeping the show moving. For everyone else, it was a little different. Instead of being two inches away from each other in tight red velvet seating, each group of nominees was at its own table with white wooden chairs, six feet apart.

The nominees were not actually present. Those who stayed at home included Zendaya from “Euphoria,” Ted Danson from “The Good Place,” and Yahya Abdul-Mateen from “Watchmen.” Even though they might have been sitting in their living rooms, most were still dressed up and were still able to accept awards.

Source by Saanvi Mirchandani

Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 2020 Emmy Awards and kept the show interesting to watch.

One purpose of the Emmy Awards telecast is for entertainment, and the producers had to find a way to be innovative. For some of the categories, a box was mailed to the actors and actresses at home. Then, Jimmy Kimmel counted down and everyone opened the box at the same time. The trophy and confetti came bursting out of the winner's box. This definitely kept it interesting to watch. Even though it is nice to accept an award in front of many members of the industry, doing it in the comfort of their home sitting next to family was also special.

When the nominees received awards, they were already at different locations, so they did not have to go back and forth to the stage. The Emmys certainly looked different this year, but it still served as entertainment, all while spreading awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement and the importance of wearing masks.

The Video Music Awards took place in New York City and were hosted by KeKe Palmer. Social distancing was strongly conveyed throughout the two hours on the air. Some of the singers who were performing were in the facility, while others were outside of it. For instance, The Weeknd sang his song “Blinding Lights” on top of a roof. As for the others, Maluma performed outside with his backup dancers wearing masks, and people were watching in cars at an acceptable amount of room away from each other. Miley Cyrus performed her song alone on stage in colorful LED lights. Lastly, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande performed their songs while wearing masks. Even though Lady Gaga performed a medley of her popular songs, she had a mask on through it all. Some might’ve been tired of seeing her accept her five awards, but she enforced the importance of masks in every speech. She had fun with it as well because she changed her outfit seven times, incorporating a matching mask to go with each one.

Even though Lady Gaga performed a medley of her popular songs, she had a mask on through it all...

“I thought it was weird how the audience wasn’t there in real life. I was not a fan of Lady Gaga’s outfits and masks, but they had a good purpose. Of course, Ariana Grande killed it like always,” said sophomore Natalie Bak.

Just like the Emmys, some nominees were at home. When Taylor Swift accepted her award for best-directed video, her speech was pre-recorded. When H.E.R. accepted her award, she was in a room at home.

“I thought it was odd how some nominees had pre-recorded speeches. That made the VMAs feel less personal and more staged,” said sophomore Nikki DiMartino.

Both the Emmys and the VMAs were different this year. Even if people enjoyed it or not, the two academies pulled it together to make both award shows the best they could be.


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