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Unified Champions

By Emily McKenna and Alexa Rago

NHP’s Unified Basketball Team has achieved numerous successes, such as currently being undefeated this season.

Spanish teacher Ms. Tiffany Salcedo and science teacher Ms. Samara Phillip coach Unified Basketball together. There are approximately 16 players on the team, including eight seniors who are leaving Unified after this year.

“Being a coach of Unified Basketball for the past six years has truly been a joy. Watching our kids come together and make Unified what it truly stands for is just short of amazing to watch. This season is the second season after COVID-19 gave us a year of hiatus. This is the year where we have the most teams playing in two different conferences throughout Nassau County!” Coach Salcedo said. “It's so humbling to see inclusion, kindness, and unity being passed around these teams. More importantly, I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of this since the beginning. Our athletes work hard every game and bring their absolute best, and as a coach, that is what you look for in a team. I am looking forward to our Championship game on Thursday, June 9 and for more seasons to come!”

Source from Briana Dunn

NHP brought tough competition and defeated Locust Valley in their home opener. From left to right, players Alex St. Surin, Suriya Hari, Ryan Varghese and Steve Campbell take on the court.

Unified’s first game resulted in victory, where they scored 72-47 against Floral Park. The New Hyde Park versus Garden City game led NHP to the playoffs, and the date is to be determined.

“The season has been fun and everyone is enjoying each practice and game. We are undefeated for the season so far, and with playoffs coming, we think we are good enough to win it all,” junior Shawn Carlson said.

The Unified Cheer team accompanies Unified Basketball’s victories, always supporting and getting excited for each game.

“I like the pom-poms. I like to cheer with my friends. I like to cheer for my friends on the team,” senior Kellie McAuliffe said.

The NHP Unified Cheer team was created and is coached by Lisa Bocchino, teacher of the deaf.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

NHP Cheer motivated the basketball team to victory.

“It’s so exciting to be going to the playoffs again this year. We have such a great team that works so hard and works together, and that is why we are so successful. We are so proud of the team and how unified they are. We are also grateful for the support of our cheerleaders and fans!” Ms. Bocchino said.


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