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Tuber Tutors: YouTube Tutors Provide Study Resources For Students

By Rasandi Fernando and Jisha Jinu

YouTube, a platform known for its proliferation of trendy and comedic videos, has gradually evolved into an educational platform as well. The interactive interface of YouTube is filled with captivating visuals and narrations that can connect with students in a way that traditional lessons may fail to do. Students have the ability to gain a different insight into a topic than the way they were taught by their teachers, and this new wave of learning is pioneered by several channels, including but not limited to The Organic Chemistry Tutor, Mr G’s Math Emporium and Steve Heimler. 

The Organic Chemistry Tutor, Mr G’s Math Emporium, Steve Heimler and other virtual tutors create popular review content of various subjects. Heimler, for example, focuses mainly on social studies; he specializes even further to AP social studies classes, and he has over 675,000 subscribers. A YouTube channel called Crash Course also produces social studies review content, but the channel stretches beyond the AP curriculum. Due to Crash Course’s broad appeal, it has gained over 15.5 million subscribers compared to Heimler’s 675,000. The Organic Chemistry Tutor is one of the most famous YouTube STEM tutors with 7.72 million subscribers.

“It is helpful in addition to some of the more traditional methods of learning...”

“I believe that the rise of YouTube tutors is beneficial to us students because it allows for us to further expand our knowledge and learn things in the curriculum we might not understand,” sophomore Azka Rashid said. “If I’m absent one day, I don’t have to worry about not knowing the information when I have a resource online to use.”

Although YouTube tutors can be beneficial in helping students to understand the information and combat misunderstandings, it also has its downsides.  Relying solely on technology to fulfill what was missed in the classroom may lead to dependency on last-minute cramming, instead of using the videos to fill in smaller gaps of information.  

“If you're relying solely on those as your source of information, you have to be very careful because again AI is still developing and it's not 100% perfect or accurate,” social studies teacher Mr. Chuba said. “I think you need some sort of foundation to figure out what is going to be beneficial and what is right and what is wrong.” 

“With videos, you can rewind them, but you can’t ask for feedback. The videos are also very summarized into a short frame versus actually learning the traditional way,” sophomore Zarif Abrar said. “Heimler’s videos are good for summarizing a topic you learn in class. They are good as an aid with individual learning.” 

As technology continues to grow, resources such as YouTube tutors can become increasingly accessible. One can learn something new everyday with just a click of a button. However, according to most of NHP’s faculty and student body, it is important to balance the use of these tutors as well as traditional teaching styles.

“It is helpful in addition to some of the more traditional methods of learning,” AP World History teacher Mr. Laugen said. “I still think a review book, a notebook and taking notes are really beneficial, but I know we are moving more and more away from these traditional styles. You need a mix of both styles; to just stick with traditional styles is a mistake, too. We have this technology and it would be a mistake to not embrace it to enhance your learning. The traditional style (books, review books, notes, discussion) and the newer style (AI, YouTube Tutors, apps) all have a place, and if you were to bring them all together, it would be the best place.”

To some students at NHP, the use of Youtube and other online sources is the preferred method of learning. 

Source by Alvin Paul

Many AP Government students cite Heimler as their "Holy Grail" when preparing for the upcoming AP test.

“I honestly prefer watching videos and online sources rather than in person extra help,” junior Sophia Jacob said. “I think it’s just that I’m more comfortable learning that content myself than being in a room with other people, sometimes I’d get distracted with friends or completely zone out. Therefore using online resources is just easier for me.”

Ultimately, the rise of YouTube tutors has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall, the use of technology and online resources like YouTube will continue to gain more and more popularity.


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