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Torio Takes on TV

By Ari Boldur

New Hyde Park Memorial High School’s very own Thalia Torio recently appeared as a guest star on the CBS hit, “FBI: Most Wanted.” Torio starred as Michelle Cutiongco on the episode “Spiderwebs,” which was the tenth episode in the show’s second season. In an interview with The Chariot, Torio reflected on her experience on the series and what it was like to work on a mainstream television show in the midst of a pandemic.

Q: What was your favorite part about filming “FBI: Most Wanted?”

Thalia Torio: “My favorite part about filming ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ was definitely being able to learn from the cast and crew. I had the amazing opportunity to observe the actors and what kind of techniques they used and I also got the opportunity to observe the director and crew since that’s exactly what I want to do in the future.”

Q: How was it to film a mainstream TV show where people are in direct contact during the pandemic and what precautions were put in place to keep everyone safe?

TT: “It was very different filming during COVID-19. I had to audition through self-tapes, but I also had to get tested for COVID-19 six times just for two days of filming! Everyone had to keep their masks on at all times except for when you were in a scene. We also weren’t able to have lunch together with the cast and crew, which is usually what happens when there isn’t a pandemic.”

Source from Thalia Torio

Senior Thalia Torio captured moments on set and from the airing of her episode in CBS's series "FBI: Most Wanted."

Q: If you could describe your experience in one word what would it be and why?

TT: “I would describe my experience as unforgettable. This was definitely one of the nicest cast and crew I’ve worked with and everyone was so supportive and uplifting.”

Q: What is the most valuable piece of advice you learned while filming and who was it from?

TT: “The most valuable piece of advice while filming was that while shooting on a professional TV set it’s not as intimidating as I expected. Although I was terrified before arriving, I calmed down and felt so welcomed right when I got there because everyone was so nice and motivating.”

Q: What does it feel like to be able to work with such known actors at such a young age and how did you balance school with filming?

TT: “It felt amazing to work with well known actors and I felt so grateful to have had the experience working with them. I was a huge fan of Kellan Lutz before filming since I loved him in the “Twilight” series, but when I met him he was so humble and it felt like I was talking to another friend. The way I balanced school and filming was easier than normal. Since school is online, I did a lot of my online classes while I was shooting since there’s a lot of downtime when working on a TV set.”


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