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They Mean Business

By Tanisha Patel

Over the past few months, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), advised by Ms. Bostrom and Ms. Teetz, held numerous activities. They recently had a district-wide FBLA dinner at the Plattduetsche Park, a field trip to Radio City's "Christmas Spectacular" in New York City and anticipate an elementary school field trip later this year. Ms. Bostrom, along with her business team, will also be preparing for their April State Leadership Conference in Rochester.

“I have been in FBLA since my freshman year and it has been an amazing experience – I am so honored to be a part of this club. I’m so excited to see the upcoming events for FBLA and continue to work hard in this club,” sophomore Tessa Nittu said.

Source from Ms. Christine Teetz

Ms. Cervini, Viraj Sutaria, Alexa Rizzo, Isabella Tolentino, Kelly Patel, Anjali Macwan, Brenda Bolouvi, Edric Balgos, Anthony Perkins and Ms. Teetz took the time to attend the district-wide dinner at the Plattduetsche Park.

Many members look forward to FBLA’s elementary school field trip where they go to a school in Floral Park to teach lessons about money and savings to younger students. In order to make sure these students are engaged, the presenters will incorporate games and activities into their presentations. This usually lasts all day and ends with each student receiving a participation certificate.

“At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but when I went and I saw how these young kids wanted to learn about such a boring topic, it really motivated me to make sure that these students did not think I was boring and I could help make a small impact,” sophomore Rafael Garcia said.

The "Christmas Spectacular" field trip was an event that excited club members. They went to Radio City Music Hall in New York City and got to watch the Rockettes perform.

“I think this field trip was a great experience and a great way as a club to get closer together,” Nittu said.

Source from Ms. Christine Teetz

FBLA members stand in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center during their trip to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.

Most recently, the club had a trip to Hofstra University for a business conference where members attended numerous seminars surrounding topics such as entrepreneurship and finance.

The FBLA club is already participating in a variety of events to ensure a productive year for its members and there is little sign of slowing down.


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