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There’s Snow Place Like Home: NHP Finally Receives a Snow Day

By Julia Kim and Rachel Jacob

“Due to the impending storm, all schools in the Sewanhaka Central High School District will be CLOSED on Tuesday, February 13..."

On February 13, New Hyde Park Memorial finally received a snow day. The much anticipated holiday was long overdue. During January, a record had been broken in New York City; it had been 701 days since the city had received more than an inch of snow, and on January 15 and 16, New York had finally received around two inches. Students were heartbroken when they did not receive the call from the district office announcing a snow day. 

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Snow covers the landscape of NHPMS during a mid-January storm, making it difficult for students to get from and to school.

However, a month later, students across the Sewanhaka Central High School District had their wishes answered with a message stating the school would be closed due to inclement weather. We wholeheartedly agree with the arrival of the recent snow day, and we would like to note the benefits that come with one.

Snow days serve as a well-needed gift for students. After working late nights for AP classes, attending extracurriculars till sundown and studying at the break of dawn, stress is no stranger to the NHP student. Even weekends are filled with constant studying and homework assignments. However, a snow day allows for students to wind down and relax. From making snowmen with our neighbors to throwing snowballs at our friends, students have time to participate in activities that kids are meant to do. We are sure a majority of NHPMS students can agree that the snow day gave us a necessary break.

It’s also important to value the snow as it is becoming an increasingly rare meteorological phenomenon. The contrast between weather conditions 20 years ago versus now is immense. In 2006, blizzards were constantly infiltrating the state, leaving around 26 inches of snow in its wake. However, research shows that these days are over. According to the NY Department of Environmental Conservation, New York winters have warmed three times as much, increasing about 3° F. We believe it is important that NHP Memorial should be able to experience snow days, given their progressive rarity. 

Source by Lindsay Kim

Warmer climates are a byproduct of global warming, leading to lower chances of snow each year.

From granting students a deserved break to the increasingly rare occurrence of snow, these snow days allow both faculty and students to unwind and also protect themselves from the harsh environment. We’re sure everyone enjoyed the time to rewatch runs of their favorite winter classics or even bake a batch of cookies–we thank the Sewanhaka Central administration for granting us a snow day!


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