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The Spirit of Song

By Shohom Chakraborty

The holiday season at NHP brings a longstanding tradition: caroling. This year, clubs, such as the Chamber Singers and Best Buddies, aim to boost holiday spirit through festive musical performances held throughout the community and school day.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Chamber Singers kicked off their annual caroling during the Christmas tree lighting held at Village Hall. Taking place on November 26, the performance consisted of members of the club singing familiar holiday tunes like “Carol of the Bells,” “Silent Night” and “Deck the Halls.” This marked the beginning of a series of weekly holiday performances all throughout NHP. The Chamber Singers have planned more shows for the future, such as appearances at the local elementary schools, the December Board of Education meeting at Sewanhaka and throughout the school hallways.

"Holiday music impacts students here at NHP by bringing some cheer to our days as we enter the cold and dark season..."

“Caroling at the Village Hall was an amazing experience. It was fun going out there and singing with my friends as the tree was being lit. I'm definitely looking forward to hopefully performing again next year," sophomore Madhav Shibu said.

Over the years, NHP caroling has spread joy to many students. This tradition has had an impact by allowing many to experience live music within the classrooms and by keeping them entertained through familiar songs. Many believe that music helps foster a sense of community, as people are brought together to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.

Source by Debarati Chowdhury

New Hyde Park Chamber Singers caroled at the Village Hall during the tree lighting ceremony.

“I’ve been caroling since ninth grade and I’ve always enjoyed doing it since it helps brighten the spirits of students at NHP. Although we’ve faced some hardships during the pandemic, this wonderful tradition has endured, making many people just a bit happier,” junior Robert Kuskowski said.

“The tradition of caroling in the school has been here for as long as I can remember. Holiday music impacts students here at NHP by bringing some cheer to our days as we enter the cold and dark season,” chorus teacher Mr. McLeer said. “Whether secular or sacred, some of the greatest and most familiar melodies come from holiday music. It is also so important to share holiday music as it brings people together and gives an opportunity to experience live music.”

Although this festivity continues to evolve as time goes on, holiday carols continue to play an integral role in maintaining the spirit of New Hyde Park Memorial during this time. As the weather becomes colder and the days become shorter, these festive tunes help light up even the darkest of days for many.

“Caroling has continually changed over the years to include new repertoire, which is reflected as our community evolves and new traditions are included,” Mr. McLeer said.


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