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The Rise of Gen-Z(odiac)

By Parinita Datta and Kelly Patel

Astrology has recently become a topic of interest among teenagers and this interest started to reach its peak during the pandemic due to an increased amount of time for self-discovery.

“Many Tik Toks on my For You Page are all about different horoscopes and their personality traits. Although I’m not super into astrology, I can definitely see why people are so into it, as I find it very interesting,” said sophomore Julia Esposito.

“...teens have started to ask each other what their signs are rather than what their favorite color or what their hobbies are...”

People figure out what their astrological sign is through a chart that relies on their birth date. Each sign has unique characteristics and teens enjoy reading these to discover more about themselves as well as their daily lives. Some horoscopes are personalized and include information about friendships, relationships, and even home lives. To give some perspective of the impact of horoscopes today, teens have started to ask each other what their signs are rather than what their favorite color or what their hobbies are.

The weight that horoscopes hold is entirely dependent on how each person perceives them. Some people do not believe it signifies anything, while others constantly reference them in everyday life. The importance of zodiac signs and daily horoscopes have also become popularized by apps such as Snapchat, showcasing daily horoscopes for each of the signs on their Discover page and including personalized compatibility charms that briefly explain the compatibility a user may have with added friends. Spotify has also created sun sign-themed playlists and podcasts, which include songs that match the energy of the sign and daily podcasts with a horoscope reading for life, love, and personal growth.

Source by Shadia Zayer

Recently, many teenagers have gained interest in astrology and how zodiac signs relate to an individual's life.

“I think zodiac signs can help determine why people have certain natural traits in regards to different aspects of their personality, and you can usually see differences with communication between people that are considered compatible versus people that wouldn’t be compatible, although astrology doesn’t determine who you can or can’t get along with. My favorite thing about astrology is the conversation that it results in between people discussing the relationship between placements and people; it never gets boring,” said senior Keralyn Lener.

Some NHP students believe that their sign influences the ways in which they act. People are becoming more interested in what their signs mean and how they can be more like them, even though the traits they possess are already a part of who they are.

“I would say that I have a lot of my zodiac sign’s characteristics and traits. I am a Taurus sun and I feel like I am very reliable, though stubborn, just like my horoscope says,” said sophomore Lena Garofalo.

“People often can feel more recognized and understood through the traits their signs possess...”

“I feel like astrology is nature vs. nurture. You’re born with the traits your placements give you but some traits might be suppressed depending on how you’re raised and your surroundings and that’s why everyone’s different,” said Lener.

While some may not believe in astrology, it is an experience many like to indulge in because of the hidden meanings that signs may carry. People often can feel more recognized and understood through the traits their signs possess. These signs can help people with understanding themselves and those around them on a level deeper than what just meets the eye.

“For me, learning astrology is something that can help us to learn more about ourselves; it can give us insight into imperfections and dominant character traits and also reveal our hidden gifts and talents. Once you understand these deeper things about yourself, you have the tools to make changes to your attitude, life choices and you might find newfound confidence you didn’t know you had. I think it’s really interesting that we all have this special planetary ‘imprint’ that connects us all,” said art teacher Ms. Livoti.


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