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The Perfect Promposal?

By Morgan Oberwiler

With prom just around the corner, New Hyde Park Memorial is buzzing with “promposals.” Whether it is through decorative posters or “Prom?” spelled out in delicious goods, promposals are a creative and affectionate way to ask someone to accompany oneself to prom.

Many students feel that promposals make the prom experience more meaningful than simply asking the person if they want to go. Junior Andrew Canese had an affectionate and entertaining way of “promposing” to his girlfriend, sophomore Sarah Munson, this year. Canese and Munson had met through this year's musical of Guys and Dolls.” As the castmates started to grow feelings for each other, they began dating while acting their hearts out on stage. After months of hard work, they were finally able to perform. Following their final performance, Canese knew it was his time to prompose to his girlfriend. Canese got on stage and pulled out a poster stating “Take a Chance, Roll the Dice, Go to Junior Prom with me?” Munson was filled with excitement and said “yes” as the crowd cheered on the pair. To Canese and Munson, promposing was a sincere way of showing a deep care for the person accompanying them to prom.

Source by Kristen Schneider

The cast applauds as they observe junior Andrew Canese promposing to sophomore Sarah Munson on the very stage they met.

“We met through the show, so I figured that promposing on stage would be the cutest way of going about it. I made the poster in the morning, and I got all the stuff together. We hid it backstage in one of the band closets, and after the show, I popped the question,” Canese said.

Other students of NHP have shown their love for promposals. Whether it is with a significant other or just a best friend, they are excited to document memories that will last a lifetime.

“I did not expect to get promposed to this early, but when I opened my front door and saw the sign I started to freak out. I was super happy, and he [Tommy Barnikel] couldn't have done it in a better way,” senior Michaela Cooney said.

“I will probably go to prom next year with my best friend, but when I do, I want to make her a decorative sign! I think it's the thought that counts,” sophomore Julia Lopez said.

However, some students of NHP feel promposals are tacky and insincere. They believe proposals are obnoxiously over the top and unnecessary, to the point of embarrassment for both people involved. Many students would not want to have the spotlight a big promposal puts on them, and they feel the pressure to say yes because of all the effort the person asking put into it.

“I don’t judge people who like promposals; however, I think they are kind of cringey. I think the person being asked has an insane pressure to say yes, and I would be a little embarrassed if someone asked me,” junior Julia Fulgieri said.

Whether it is making a poster, asking in public, or keeping it low-key, prom season is definitely something many students of NHP are excited for.


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