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Thanksgiving in Pictures

Although there was a limit on gatherings this Thanksgiving, there was no limit for the amount of good food at the dinner table. NHP students shared their favorite meals through The Chariot's Instagram on Thanksgiving Day.

"My favorite food to eat for Thanksgiving is garlic mashed potatoes because they have a fluffy texture. I also like their salty and garlic flavor," said junior Miriya Lok.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie because it’s the main dessert of the day, and I can always make room for dessert," said junior Emma Ouyang.

Sources from Darsh Mirchandani, Olivia Wong, Gauri Shyamnath, and Andrew Canese.

Some combine cultural foods with American traditions; students share their favorite Thanksgiving foods, like sweet potato casserole; many like to adorn their tables with decorations and tablecloths for the day; others try unconventional ways of roasting a turkey.

Source from Hailey Zachariah

Thanksgiving staples like a turkey, pie, and casseroles were made with care.


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