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Technology Takes Over

By Rafia Ahmed and Sakib Azgar

Teachers have been assigning video projects more frequently due to the students having iPads. Although this is true, a problem arises: various students in different grade levels do not know how to begin editing these videos. In addition, students who do know how to edit videos do not receive enough creative access with the default iMovie app loaded on the iPad. iMovie simply does not offer the key features many other video editing softwares have.

“When I was using iMovie to create videos for my social studies or English classes, it was quite challenging to express my creativity. I was limited on what effects I can do, what text fonts I can use, and what filters I could choose,” said junior Lance Ng.

...the main objective is for students to start learning how to produce quality videos and showcase their talents to their peers...

Why should students learn how to edit videos in the first place? First, it shows the ability to be creative in presentations. Adding special effects, text subscripts, background instrumentals, and video filters help make a presentation much more engaging and entertaining. When creating a video, students should plan out what they are going to present. This includes brainstorming ideas, creating scripts, recording footage, adding music, and other ideas.

Source from Sakib Azgar

Many video editing softwares allow for increased creativity through their many features.

“Over the years, I worked on many group video projects, but it was quite challenging to add music or trim clips. I had to Google most of this information. I also had to spend time planning and recording. Early editing lessons would’ve come in handy,” said senior Anuj Shaji.

In addition, due to the increasing usage of technology, colleges look favorably upon students that can video edit. For juniors and seniors, top universities such as Northeastern and Columbia are offering students to create "Maker Portfolios." In short, this is an opportunity for any future applicants to boost their applications by sending creative videos of their independent or group projects that they have completed.

Oftentimes, students in a group assignment rely heavily on a single student to do all the editing, videotaping, and decorating. This reliance on one student increases the chances of missing the due date, presenting incorrect information, and stressing out the reliable student. With the additional training in using this technology, the majority of students will then be able to apply these skills to school assignments properly and with ease. Having the knowledge to edit will then attribute to more collaboration and an equal workload for each student.

“Yes, a video editing course would completely take the reliance off of one group; it’s not just about adding more applications, it’s about offering interesting electives that tend to the student body,” said senior Gauri Shyamnath.

So what steps can the school take? With the art and technology departments offering courses such as Digital Design and Photography, the school could also provide a video editing course. Digital art teachers can structure a video editing class where students can learn how to use Adobe Premiere or other editing software.

“I think video editing is a great medium for creative expression and opens the door to so many different possibilities. It may be difficult to work with at times, but it’s always satisfying to see how great your end result becomes,” said junior Laurence Lai.

What steps can students take? If they have a computer with ample storage, they can search up and download DaVinci Resolve 16 Free Beta Version. Once the application is downloaded, they can open it and start a new video project. Students can input media clips that they have saved on their computer or phone and start exploring with the tools provided on the application. The best way to immerse themselves in the application is by being curious and coming across interesting features.

Watching YouTube tutorials on how to use specific features on the application will help students obtain a better understanding on how to polish a lackluster video and transform it into an energetic one. Whether the school adds a film editing course or not, the main objective is for students to start learning how to produce quality videos and showcase their talents to their peers.


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