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Target Acquired: States

By David Ren

Ready, set, fire! After a challenging winter season, the Sewanhaka intra-district Riflery team’s hard work was rewarded by receiving the opportunity to attend the State Championships.

“I was really excited about the team’s opportunity to compete at the statewide level. Our team had not gone to states for around five to six years, so knowing that it was not just one group of players that could get in but rather our entire team shows our growth and the importance of teamwork,” senior Danny Canning said.

Since being a part of a district team, rather than just a NHP team, the athletes were very dedicated to their cause, practicing for hours on end, honing their precision and accuracy. Originally, they were told states would not be happening this year, but half way into their season they were pleasantly surprised that states were on.

“It took a lot of practice, effort and hours after school. Luckily, we did well enough that we were able to represent Sewanhaka proudly,” junior Andrew Canese said.

Source from @nhpathletics

Riflery coach Mr. Babolcsay, sophomores Alex Tiwari and Mia Cho, seniors Samantha Chang and Danny Canning, junior Andrew Canese and senior Eily Montenegro pose with their winning flag, ready to hang it up in the school.

Although a traditional in-person event did not happen due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, the team was able to compete through the “virtual” format that the competition used. A team of four was selected to participate, consisting of seniors Eily Montenegro, Samantha Chang and Danny Canning, along with sophomore Alex Tiwari. They were asked to shoot from their home range and mark down their scores; these scores were then sent to the competition and graded. For the event, Tiwari placed fourth overall and Canning placed fifth.

“I was extremely happy and almost in disbelief when we placed second in states. I am very proud of my teammates and what we have accomplished this year,” said Chang.

As the seniors say goodbye to their last year on the team, there is a sense of satisfaction. Finishing off their final season with an ending at states, the team ended with a hoorah!


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