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Sweets by Speter

By Emily Speter

I started "Speter’s Desserts" as a platform to show my family and friends what I’ve been baking since quarantine started. However, it progressed into me baking more frequently, entertaining myself, and gaining more followers. I’ve been baking since I was little, and I have always been fairly good at it. I started to notice more small businesses and baking accounts taking an interest in me and that’s when I realized that I could take my account to the next level.

Since then, I’ve been baking everything from chocolate chip cookies to french macaroons. I also like to incorporate my Spanish heritage by making traditional Puerto Rican desserts. I really hope that I can start to gain more followers as I begin to post more frequently. It is such a fun thing for me to do and it makes me happy.

I hope that my account inspires others to make the best of quarantine and gives them the courage to try something new!


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