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Summer Reading Turns the Page

By Rachel Houng

A book has the power to control the actions of its reader. It has the power to fuel imagination, forcing the reader to turn to the next page. On the other hand, someone else may read the first couple of pages and immediately close the book. This newly adopted summer reading list has solved this problem. With many books to choose from, seventh to twelfth graders now enjoy the freedom to choose from a broad range of titles.

In previous years, students did not have this liberty, as they had to read a single mandated novel. On the off-chance of being able to pick, students had to choose between two titles. The new summer reading plan provides a list of books offered to each grade with a large range of topics. This allowed for incoming seventh graders to immerse themselves into stories such as “New Kid” by Jerry Craft and “The Benefits of Being an Octopus” by Ann Braden.

I loved how the summer reading books were interesting and engaging towards the events and situations that are happening today...

Students, for the first time ever, had the ability to choose which book they would like to read based on the numerous options provided. This summer plan was created to “expose students to a broader range of works not covered in our curriculum,” according to English chairperson Mrs. Rodriguez, who was involved in the creation of the plan. It not only offered a wide variety of literature, but also allowed for students to focus on important aspects of the stories that they read.

“I am pleased to report that the 2020 summer reading program appears to have been successful,” said Mrs. Rodriguez.

It is clear that students also appreciated the new summer reading program.

“I loved how the summer reading books were interesting and engaging towards the events and situations that are happening today. I feel like I learned a lot about important issues in our world such as the Black Lives Matter movement through these reading options,” said sophomore Anneliese Park.

Artwork by Sabeena Ramdarie, @jammin_with_jelly

The new summer reading list was well received by students, who found it engaging and informative regarding modern day issues.

“It represented serious topics in a way that was entertaining and that it appealed to minority groups,” said sophomore Helee Shukla.

With many positive affirmations, students and teachers approve of the changes and have learned to enjoy the range of books provided. Not only did students appreciate the range of works, they also were exposed to a variety of topics, as many of these books highlighted social experiences that are pivotal in today's society. This deliberate choice in curating the list allowed the curriculum to expand and be more relatable.

With the new range of books, readers have the ability to learn more about the world around them, experience different kinds of literature, and open the door to new possibilities. The positive feedback from teachers and students illustrate the success and accomplishment of the goals mentioned.


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