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Summer Fashion Fads

By Anmoldeep Kaur

As the weather gets warmer and the world begins to open up again, many wonder what style choices others will make. The latest trends foreshadow that the community is gearing up for a summer that truly celebrates fashion as art. The fashion forecast for this summer includes a wide variety of styles, highlighting sleek and cohesive monochromatic looks with a chance of a bold and vivacious ensemble of bright colors.

The spring and summer 2021 collections set the tone for all the summer closets this year. The most notable trends of the summer seem to pay homage to the fashion of past decades. Some of the runway trends are in cohesion with the revival of the 2000s fashion styles that have been facilitated by social media. The revival of the Y2K aesthetic has prompted the fashion-forward to invest in items like knit dresses, baguette bags, low-rise jeans, and mini skirts. The 2000s have also inspired haute couture labels like Chanel and Chloé to elegantly incorporate the cut-out trend into their collections, reviving the vintage trends with modern, polished looks. Wide-leg trousers and denim were runway favorites as they were present in major fashion shows like Tom Ford and Balenciaga, and have also gained popularity through celebrities like Hailey Bieber, cementing them as the staple item. Worn by off-duty models and iconic pop stars of these decades, this clothing is symbolic of fashion from the ‘90s and early 2000s.

Sources from Julia Si and Sophia Lin

Seniors Julia Si and Sophia Lin take pictures wearing jeans and red crop tops.

“I’m actually obsessed with wide-leg and flared pants. They are definitely my favorite trend. I wear them basically anytime I go outside. I genuinely love a lot of these trends like cut-outs and knit/crochet clothing,” said junior Desmari Miller.

Halter tops, dramatic prints, and sequins, which encapsulate the fashion from the ‘60s, are also making their comeback this year through runway shows like Raf Simons’ collection and social media sites. Floral, psychedelic, stripes, watercolor, and checkerboard are notable prints of the upcoming summer wardrobe and aptly represent the shift towards maximalist fashion. The color palette of the summer incorporates all colors and shades of the rainbow with bright and bold tangerine dresses and toned-down lime green trousers.

Sources from Katherine McWilliam and Samantha Chang

Junior Katherine McWilliam poses in the city wearing a bandana top; junior Samantha Chang takes a mirror selfie, showing off her floral dress.

Sequins and sparkly fabrics used in clothing items such as second skin tops and disco pants contributed to the increase in bold clothing styles. The ‘60s was a decade of monumental change, which prompted unique experimentation with clothing that would immortalize the decade’s fashion. After a year of loungewear-dominated fashion due to quarantine and the pandemic, brands are drawing inspiration from this decade and are using it to revive interest in fashion among younger people.

“I feel like the summer after isolation is going to be so cool because so many people found their style over quarantine, and it’ll be interesting to see everyone’s spin on the trends,” said junior Jessica Jaimon.


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