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Step into "Harry's House"

By Disha Chakraborty

On May 20, 2022, singer and songwriter Harry Styles released “Harry’s House.” This would be the third album in his solo career following the disbandment of One Direction. Within the first week, 521,500 units were sold in the U.S., making “Harry’s House” the largest opening week of any album this year and of all his previous works.

In comparison to his other albums, “Harry’s House” was more personal and relaxed. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Styles talked about his realization that musicians make better music when they write and produce what they want, in comparison to attempting to recreate the essence of a previous album. The use of this logic led to an audibly unique album. An example of this is with the first track, “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” which has funky techno beats unlike his prior music.

“Harry’s House” contains many songs about reflecting on the past. For instance, he said in the interview that his hit single, “As It Was” is “about a kind of metamorphosis and a perspective change, that you don't fully understand what’s happening until it’s too late.”

“The album was really just beautiful! Like the songs on there never felt boring or like just added to have more tracks," eighth grader Leah Del Orbe said. "All the songs were really him and it occurs in all his albums how distinct his style is. I do think ‘Fine Fine’ was more memorable to me, but when I listen more I really do think my opinion will change because with artists like Harry, the more you listen, the more you like.”

On the same day as his album release, Styles held a concert at the UBS Arena in Elmont, New York. These tickets were not easy to get, but that did not stop NHP students from seeing their favorite artist.

“The concert was perfectly done. I have been a One Direction fan since I was a little kid, and this was the first time I was ever able to see one of the band members live! Harry was always my favorite, and I was beyond excited for weeks about the concert! My favorite part was when he sang 'Matilda,' because I feel like it is a really personable song and anyone can interpret it and apply it to their own life,” junior Emily Speter said. “'Harry's House' is easily the best album he has put out on his own. From the very start of the album, you are being welcomed into Harry's life and you truly are inside his brain going through his life. You feel as if you are being invited into Harry's house! The whole album is a rollercoaster of emotion, and you go from dancing and grooving to crying within a span of two minutes. I would recommend everyone listen to the album start to finish at least once.”

Source by Emily Speter

Harry Styles engages with the crowd at his sold-out concert.


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