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Stec's Stunning Graphics

By Olivia Wong

Combining his eye for aesthetics and his passion for sports, the graphics that senior Thomas Stec produces are consistently breathtaking. His graphic design account, @footyconcepts, has gained over 1,200 followers on Instagram. Stec uses his platform to feature his colorful and stunning art; his attention to detail in both the background and the focus of the piece never fails to disappoint. His DMs are always open for commissions and his clients are more than satisfied with the work he creates. Recently, The Chariot asked him a few questions about the origin of his work and what he plans to do in the future.

Source by Olivia Wong

Stec uses his platform on Instagram to post his bright visuals, amassing just under 1,250 followers.

Q: Please describe your work. How were you first introduced to graphic design?

Thomas Stec: My work mainly revolves around soccer graphics. Starting in seventh grade I made a page just to show my work, but over a few years, I got over 25k followers. Currently, I don’t own the account anymore. I got into it by just seeing a lot of soccer pages as a kid on Instagram and wanted to have a page like that of my own.

Q: What has motivated you to start creating this type of artwork?

TS: I was motivated pretty much solely on getting a bigger following. It wasn’t hard because I loved making designs daily, so it was easy in the sense that I wasn’t forcing myself to make a design. I definitely started taking it a bit more seriously after my work reached a big soccer player and he liked my post. That was the first time my post blew up and just seeing his notification was crazy.

Q: How do you think you have made an impact on people with your work?

TS: At my peak, I had around 30k followers. It was really cool seeing people all over the world reach out to me and ask if their ideas can be created through me. There was a time where I was making custom jersey ideas and everyone would ask if I could make them one. Being a kid I didn’t grasp the business aspect of this, which I now regret. I remember there was a month where almost all posts got around 200k views, so it was insane seeing my work shared around that many people. I can’t really visualize how many people that is.

Q: Are you planning on continuing commissions in the future?

TS: Yes, I have done some here and there for my friends and got a nice side hustle with this. I’m looking forward to maybe partnering with web design or game design after learning code and maybe take this skill to even more important use.

If you would like to support Stec, follow his Instagram account, @footyconcepts, or direct message him for client work.

Source from Thomas Stec

Above are some of Stec's favorite graphics that he has made in the past year.


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