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Spring Fashion: Rain and Runways

By Grace Heskial

The transition from winter to spring brings a multitude of changes: warmer weather, blooming flowers, chirping birds and of course, new fashion trends. As the temperature increases, fashion icons say goodbye to puffer jackets and hello to lighter layers.

“The changing of seasons has a huge effect on my mood, and I like to show that in the clothes I wear...”

“After a long winter, wearing mostly dark or neutral tones, it’s always nice to bring out the florals and colors for spring,” junior Olivia Loubriel said. “It can be tricky deciding what to wear with the weather is changing, so layers are key for every spring outfit. Some trends I have been loving lately are a short skirt with a long sleeve top and cropped graphic t-shirts and cargo pants.”

Spring, a time of rebirth and renewal, also ushers in a new beginning to wardrobes. The bright colors of this season often influences students when it comes to their typical spring outfits. According to Vogue Runway’s trend report, this season’s looks vary from soft and undone, to utilitarian preparedness, to a surge in minimalism. These trends, along with others, can be seen in a fashion magazine, crowded NYC and our own NHP Memorial hallways.

“I always get excited for spring weather because it marks the end of hoodies and sweatpants everyday,” junior Veronica Fulgieri said. “The weather plays a big role in what I wear during the spring, so I have a whole myriad of outfit choices. I tend to stick with pants and a short sleeve shirt for the spring since it’s not summer weather yet. In the later months, I wear shorts but sometimes throw a crew neck over my shirt to keep warm. Spring is a very lively season with all of the flowers blooming and leaves growing on trees. This whole mood reflects in my spring outfits as I tend to flock towards my brighter articles of clothing. The changing of seasons has a huge effect on my mood, and I like to show that in the clothes I wear.”

Source from Edric Balgos and Ivan Chu

Seniors Edric Balgos and Ivan Chu choose their clothing based on the weather, leaving warmer clothing in their wardrobes to ensure they are prepared for both sun and wind.

“Personally, I dress according to the connotation of each season,” junior Brandon Noguera said. “For this spring, there are numerous fashion trends that stick out to me. For party-like instances or casual events, I enjoy wearing linen pants and plain-color button down shirts with little exposed jewelry and any type of flat-bottom sneaker. For other instances, such as simple hangouts with friends, I like to wear baggy pants, such as loose jeans, and a loose button down shirt with only the top button done. Overall, I’m a simple kid who just enjoys dressing based on the feeling of the event and the commonly associated aura oriented around the season.”

Source from Brandon Noguera

Brandon Noguera shows off his spring outfits consisting of trends such as layers, button-ups, and baggy jeans.

Spring, however, is not the only season upon the students of New Hyde Park; AP season has arrived and with it comes heaps of pressure. With AP tests just around the corner, some students are not prioritizing the aesthetics behind their outfits, but rather their functionality and comfort.

“Now that it’s getting warmer, I’m getting ready to ditch my hoodies and sweatpants,” junior Guneet Hanjra said. “I’m still keen on dressing comfortably, especially now that AP season is looming upon us, but during the spring and summer time, I accessorize a lot more. I like to wear more jewelry, especially bracelets, just because it gets me in the spring mood.”

Overall, spring weather provides many with a unique opportunity to refresh their closets and embrace layers, lighter colors and accessories.


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