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Seasonal Songs

By Fatima Naysa

As seasons shifted from winter to spring, the New Hyde Park Memorial Music Department presented another show-stopping concert. The spring concert was not only a celebratory end to the school year but also a change for the performers in regards to COVID-19 mandates.

Now that the mask mandate has been lifted, the audience is no longer required to wear a mask as they were during the winter concert. There are also no rules regarding the audience having to leave after each performance, as they did for the winter concert, allowing for larger audiences and parents being able to enjoy more than one performing group.

This year, a special concert was held between the senior high orchestra and senior high band performances. The two musical groups combined to perform a series of musical collections to the returning audience.

“To create a Symphonic Orchestra, we created a setting that includes woodwind, brass and percussion members as well as a full string section,” orchestra director Linda Tomkiw said. “They performed ‘March’ from Somerset by Vaugh Williams and an arrangement from the movie 'The Empire Strikes Backby John Williams. The sixth period senior high orchestra played these and did a fantastic job. It was exciting and wonderfully played.”

Source by Anna Detke

The sixth period senior high orchestra and band ended the night with "The Empire Strikes Back" by John Williams.

The pieces that were chosen for the chorus portion of the concert were from a variety of styles and languages. The students learned pieces in languages such as English, Latin, Zambian and Hebrew. The styles ranged from Gregorian chant, classical and spirituals, to modern musicals like “Encanto” and “The Greatest Showman.” It featured songs by Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and a premiere arrangement of a piece of Mr. McLeer’s titled “Meaningful.” Additionally, junior Ishita Bansal accompanied by Jaiden Thomas on the piano performed a solo of “Fuyu no Hanashi,” composed by Centimillimental.

“It felt really, really amazing to be back on stage again! I adored so many of the pieces the performers played across all three days,” junior Ishita Bansal said. “I was especially honored to sing a solo with my friend Jaiden Thomas accompanying me. Being able to sing such an emotional song and work up to performing it was such a gratifying and addicting experience. It felt so good to be doing this kind of thing with people who were passionate about music again.”

Especially for seniors who are leaving the school in this upcoming month, the spring concert was a bittersweet and memorable experience.

Source by Anna Detke

Senior Sara Farrell performs her saxophone solo in "Hashivenu" with the senior high chorus.

“Personally, for both senior high band and senior high jazz band, there were many solos performed, many of which were performed by seniors, which is a great way to highlight the seniors and their music talents,” senior Lance Ng said. “I'm going to college next year, so obviously I won't be playing, however, I should be back in time for next year's spring and winter concerts, so I hope those go well and the music program at NHP progresses their musical voyage.”

With combined groups and a larger audience, the spring concert of 2022 reinvigorated a sense of community amongst the performing groups and audience.


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