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Spectacular Seventh Graders

By Emily Lee and Sarah Solomon

During the week of January 25, NHP Memorial’s seventh graders dressed up and participated in a variety of challenges for their first ever spirit week. Though COVID-19 has been a major barrier between students and human interaction, "Spectacular Seventh Graders" week gave underclassmen the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Seventh graders started the week with “Blue and White Day.” Students taught their math teacher TikToks and played multiple mini-challenges such as a scavenger hunt, endurance games, and more. Seventh graders were expected to wear blue or white in order to represent their team.

Source from Ms. Kim Fox

Isabelle Chan is representing her team on Blue and White Day by wearing blue school attire.

“Spirit week was a fantastic idea for the 7th graders. Times are tough right now, and this event uplifted us. I especially enjoyed ‘Blue and White Day.’ We competed with another class in multiple challenges. For example, we did a scavenger hunt, jumping jacks endurance challenge, and had a spelling bee. The scavenger hunt was the most exciting event. The seventh graders in my class were very cheerful and energetic. Spirit week was a great idea, and I hope we get to do it again in person,” said seventh grader Jisha Jinu.

“I personally think that spirit week is an amazing way for all of the seventh graders to relate and communicate with one another. I really enjoyed ‘Blue and White Day’ because we were able to see our peers and have fun with each other. I think the school is doing an amazing job with all of these events,” said seventh grader Ava Onorato.

“Since this event, most students are interacting with their classmates and are more ready than ever to go to school...”

The following day was “Superhero Day,” and students dressed up as different superheros. English classes discussed the meaning of the word “powerful” and how it could mean either good or evil. After the discussion, seventh graders each picked a superpower and decorated a cape that illustrated its benefits and pitfalls.

Source from Sarah Solomon

The capes above were made by Edwin John, Rachel Zachariah, Fatima Naysa and Ava Onorato.

“Spirit week is a great concept. It encourages students to participate in many fun activities. My favorite event in spirit week was ‘Superhero Day.’ My English class and I made superhero capes. Throughout the week, I witnessed joy and happiness when my teachers saw us participating in spirit week. Spirit week was a fun, creative and entertaining event,” said seventh grader Abigail Alexander.

Sources from Saanvi Mirchandani, Mr. Bryan DiScala and Ms. Mary Kay Mannle.

Clockwise from the top left, Ms. Mannle's class displays their superhero capes; math teachers Mr. Maltese and Ms. Joseph show their superhero stance; Emily Lee dresses up for Superhero Day; Erik Oberwiler poses for a picture on Superhero Day in English class.

On Wednesday, the seventh graders dressed up in jerseys and clothing items representing their hobbies for “Jersey/Hobby Day.” In social studies classes, students and teachers discussed places they would like to travel to, teams they would like to see and how far they would go to reach them.

Source from Ms. Eve Kaczmarczyk

Thomas Giannatsis, Anthony Cantara and Milan Patel celebrate "Jersey Day" in a socially-distanced picture.

Thursday was “Dress Up Day,” and students came prepared with their best looks. In science class, the seventh graders talked about their future careers, homes and graduation. Everyone was mailed home a crystal ball sheet, and students decorated it to represent what they saw in their future.

Source from Ms. Kim Fox

Despite being remote, Bipreet Singh keeps engaged with Dress Up Day by wearing a suit to the Meet.

On Friday, the seventh graders had “Crazy Hair Day.” They showed off their craziest and most exotic hairstyles. In health and home and careers classes, they celebrated “Let Your Hair Down Day,” and students discussed ways to relieve stress and to relax.

Source from Darsh Mirchandani

Darsh Mirchandani engages in Crazy Hair Day by coming to school with his hair sticking up.

Source from Ms. Katie Kaspar

Liam Dempsey has his hair tied for Crazy Hair Day.

Although COVID-19 is a major issue in the world, it did not stop NHP from showing school spirit. For all the students at school, fully remote or just hybrid, everything was conducted following the COVID-19 guidelines, and online students did everything at home.

"Spectacular Seventh Graders" week helped teachers and students connect and learn more about one another. It brought classes together and promoted students to participate in class. Since this event, most students are interacting with their classmates and are more ready than ever to go to school.

“We really did not have a 7th grade spirit week last year. One of the reasons for creating one this year was due to the lack of social connections we have seen among our 7th grade students as a result of the COVID crisis and online learning. Our hope was just to have a change of pace and to engage 7th grade students with some fun activities throughout the week. In English, we spent time on Tuesday, which was Superhero Day, trying to spur engagement around what it means to be powerful. My classes had great discussions about the literal and figurative ways people could hold power. Students discussed both their own superpowers as well as fantastical superpowers they might want to have. I actually dressed up as Superman, and many students dressed up as superheroes, themselves. The lesson culminated in students creating their own superhero capes with symbols and pictures of their own superpowers. These capes will be printed and displayed throughout the classrooms in each cohort. Up, up, and away, my favorite event was SuperHero Day. The English Department took the largest role in the activities of this day. It was a pleasure seeing all my students interact with one another, sharing their costumes and thoughts about their own superpowers,” said English teacher Mr. DiScala.


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