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A Guide to Surviving Seventh Grade

By Leah DelOrbe and Helai Eren

Starting the school year can be hard, especially for the youngest students in the building. As the school year at a new school begins, students may feel disconnected from others in their grade or overwhelmed due to the numerous changes in their routines. However, these feelings can be easily overcome through the following advice.

New Hyde Park Memorial provides students with resources and opportunities for those who need extra help. Teachers may offer times to meet before school, during a free period, or after school. Students can also visit the homework center, where they can work on assignments with other students and teachers who are readily available to help out. Homework center is open from 3-4 p.m., Monday through Thursday in the library.

Source by Darsh Mirchandani

Seventh graders celebrate at the Blue and White dance, while class adviser Mrs. Pincay supervises.

Besides teacher and student help, faculty from the counseling and student support services can also provide assistance, both emotionally and academically.

“Students can come in anytime, email me anytime and stop me in the hall. They never need an appointment,” junior high counselor Mr. Gagnon said. “If they have an issue, they’re my first priority.”

Other than focusing on the academic aspect of joining a new school, newly-arrived students at NHP can also direct their efforts into expanding their social networks. One of the ways to meet new people is through extracurricular activities. An example of this is joining a junior high sports team, which allows seventh and eighth graders the opportunity to explore their athletic interests, inviting all prospective athletes to play. Similarly, clubs at New Hyde Park Memorial create outlets for students to participate in communities based upon common interests and passions. Clubs such as the International Culture Club, Spanish Club, Heroes Club, Theater Club and Best Buddies are just a few examples of these that are often popular amongst the student body. Besides clubs and sports, there are other events held for seventh graders to comfortably integrate into NHP.

“I joined the junior high soccer team and I made a lot of new friends," seventh grader Emme Grima said. “At the Blue and White dance, I got to hang out with my friends and I even spoke to some new people. Overall it's a lot of fun and I can't wait for the rest of the year!”

Activities like the Blue and White dance can help students ease into the year and view New Hyde Park Memorial as a community of learning and diversity rather than just a building. In addition to the Blue and White dance, this September, the Class of 2029 built their first ever homecoming float and shared a victory of winning both junior high categories.

“I’m most excited for them to work together on projects like the floats, the dance, and for them to establish new friendships,” Class of 2029 advisor Ms. Tiwari said.

Source by Alvin Paul

Seventh graders gather to march with their float in the Homecoming parade.

Most importantly, seventh graders at NHP are taking a step to prepare themselves for their high school careers and learning essential skills necessary for success. Communicating with teachers is especially important. When contacting a teacher through email, using a professional format is strongly encouraged. This includes keeping the subject line concise, including greetings, omitting slang and casual language, and including a closing statement at the end of the email. Teachers may use messaging apps, but communication should still be devoid of casual language and sent at an appropriate hour.

Although it may feel scary to be the newest and youngest class, seventh graders are encouraged to enjoy this time. As they maneuver through their first year in a much bigger school than where they previously attended, members of the Class of 2029 will undoubtedly endure hardships, but with the support of staff and fellow students and a plethora of academic and social opportunities, the transition into NHP can be more enjoyable than expected.


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