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Student-Teacher Day

By Fiona O'Reilly

Senior Week 2023 came to a close with a student favorite: student teacher day. For the day, seniors get to take on the roles of their favorite teachers by joining them in teaching. Some seniors took it as far as making elaborate plans for the day and even dressing like their teacher of choice, truly embodying their role as a student teacher.

Source from Abigail Varghese

Senior Abigail Varghese and Ms. Mejia prepare for a day of fun-filled lessons for their students.

“I got to make lesson plans with her [Ms. Mejia] and plan different activities,” senior Abigail Varghese said. “Since she teaches a pretty diverse amount of grades, I learned a lot about the struggles of holding a room and gained even more respect for Ms. Mejia. I was able to have really fun conversations with one of my favorite teachers in the building.”

“My experience with Mr. Ferrara was amazing,” senior Emily McKenna said. “I got to make a Kahoot to prepare for his classes, and then I got to experience what teaching is like, especially for his junior class. I’m happy I got to be his student teacher.”

Source by Helee Shukla

Former AP Chemistry students Helee Shukla and Aakarsh Gupta spend the day taking over for Ms. Bansal and teaching game-based lessons to her AP and Regents Chemistry students.

"Ms. Bansal's AP Chemistry class was one of the most fun yet simultaneously challenging experiences I've ever had," senior Helee Shukla said. "I loved everything about the class from how close everyone was with each other to the concepts covered. Because of the fact that I'm interested in going into chemistry education, I chose to student teach [for] Ms. Bansal. It was cool to see the other side of things by actually teaching the class and seeing how students responded to the activities Aakarsh and I had planned. I had an amazing time interacting with the students in Regents and AP Chemistry, and even though our lesson was more game-based, it was a great way to get the feel of teaching an actual class."

Source by Helee Shukla

(From left to right) Abraham Alexander, Aakarsh Gupta, Kai Lun Huang, Kanav Dani, Mathew Roshan and Helee Shukla engage in Student-Teacher Day activities.

Not only is student teacher day an exciting day for participating seniors, but most NHP students in other grades seem to appreciate the light-hearted change of pace for the day before winter break.

“I enjoyed student-teacher day, and I think it was a very fun experience on both the teachers’ and students’ sides,” freshman Breanne Noguera said. “Seeing the students dress up like the teachers and teach lessons was very cool, and I thought overall it was a great day.”

Source by Helee Shukla

English teacher Ms. Kaspar and senior Matthew Zatz plan a lesson for their seventh grade and senior classes ahead.

“I think that student-teacher day is a great way of getting the entire student body excited,” sophomore Marco Valle said. “In many of my classes, I had student teachers, and they all had fun and engaging lessons that were based on the content that we were learning. I think it’s an excellent opportunity to learn while also having fun.”

Source by Helee Shukla

Seniors Ashley Kreth and Shayla Dervisevic lead a Kahoot for Ms. Gelber's science class.

“I feel like it’s such a great way to end the week off and is a cool and unique opportunity for teachers to feel appreciated,” sophomore Deborah Aderibigbe said. “It’s nice to see different kids dress up as their favorite teacher and makes me look forward to being a senior. I honestly think it’s a great addition to spirit week.”

Source by Helee Shukla

Seniors "become" educators for the day, matching their favorite teachers.


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