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NHP Peps it Up at the Spring Pep Rally

By Abhiveer Singh

On Wednesday, March 27, New Hyde Park Memorial High School senior high students came together and attended a pep rally to celebrate spring sports. This pep rally was the last that the seniors at New Hyde Park attended, and allowed student-athletes to create memories together in the gym one last time.

Source by Fiona O'Reilly

Spring teams enthusiastically enter the gym as they are introduced.

Source by Fiona O'Reilly

NHP students show school spirit at the senior high spring pep rally.

Source by Fiona O'Reilly

Musical chairs, a big hit at last year's event, returns and allows students to express their competitive nature.

Source by Fiona O'Reilly

The NHP gladiator amps up the crowd during the Wednesday afternoon event.


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