Senior Athlete Send-Off

By Lauren DiGregorio

As the end of the 2022-2023 school year is fast approaching, the coaches of NHP become even more sentimental of their graduating seniors. In a final send-off, some of NHP’s varsity coaches have written letters to their graduating athletes.



Dear NHPVC Class of 2022,

I cannot believe your graduation is already here!! This season flew by. You all made such a mark on this team. Your combined hard work, determination, sportsmanship and school spirit will be remembered and be an inspiration for every cheerleader to come.

I remember walking into practice for the first time and was so grateful you welcomed me with open arms. You were not only receptive to the changes I started making, but were fully in support. I cannot express how much that support meant to me then and still means to me now. Together, we were able to accomplish amazing things: from raising over $1,000 in Breast Cancer Research, to honoring EMT workers, to hitting stunts and tumbling for the first time in the school's history. Never forget the progress you made this year and use it as a reminder that you can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to.

I know this next step of your life may seem scary, but remember what you learned from this team. As you embark on this new journey, face each new challenge with your head held high and a smile. Challenges and hardships are what make us grow. Try things out of your comfort zone; just because you think life should go one way, does not mean it has to. Take the time over the next few years to explore your passions and discover what makes you happy and fulfilled.

Remember you have so many people in your corner cheering you on. NHPVC will always be a home to you. We made a family, and this family is going to be your own personal cheerleaders every step of the way. I leave you all with one last set of song lyrics:

“And may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows/ And may the road less paved be the road that you follow/ Here's to you always making me laugh/ Here's to the fact that I'll be sad without you/ I want you to have it all.” -Jason Mraz "Have it All."

This is not a goodbye forever, it is a goodbye for now. I expect you all to come visit!!

Love always,

Coach Westwater

Source by Anna Detke

Seniors Gianna Cassata and Vanessa DiNardo capture the moment with their pom-poms before a football game starts.

Field Hockey:

To my senior athletes,


The end of this year signifies the culmination and payoff from your hard work. Think about how far you have come perfecting your craft as a member of the New Hyde Park athletic program. Hopefully, sports have taught you lessons about leadership, teamwork, accountability and punctuality. These lessons will stay with you for life, well after your time in sports is over. I hope you have realized the impact that athletics and competition have had on you. I hope that you have realized that your coaches and teammates pushed you to be the best version of yourself. Your coaches wanted you to succeed on the field, but also in the classroom. There were countless times your coaches could see that you could give more, and they asked that of you. They wanted you to recognize this for yourself, ensuring that you would challenge yourself then and always. Continue to drive yourself out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Sports have taught you to constantly better yourself on and off the field and to never settle for mediocrity. Your coaches and teammates have encouraged you to believe in yourself, even in the waning seconds of a game, when you thought you could not do one more sprint.

Being a leader, being organized and playing with heart are all the qualities that you should continue to pride yourself on. Understanding what sacrifice is and how to put others ahead of yourself is crucial to succeeding in the future. The intangibles that athletics provide us are crucial to win in life. You will always be a part of the sports family at New Hyde Park. Trust yourself, have faith and know that your coaches and teammates are always in your corner cheering you on!


Coach Brocking

Source Briana Dunn

Senior Isabel Kielbiowski steals the ball from an opposing player.



The coaching staff at NHP would like to send a heartfelt message of appreciation to our seniors upon graduation and beyond. We are so grateful for all you have done for the football program and school community. Through long, hot summer workouts, endless off-season weight room and classroom sessions and countless days of hard work and dedication on the field, your leadership has lifted our team to prominence and guided the younger players towards future success. It is fun to be a NHP Football Player!

Your hard work and success makes it fun for the school and community to become involved in the game, creating a space for all to come together on the Saturdays of fall, to cheer and dance, join in on Glad Nation and all the amazing clubs and groups the school provides. Your performance on the field was outstanding! It includes: making the playoffs and having winning records three seasons in a row, beating Carey for the first time in twenty-three years, having a home playoff game, multiple all-county and all-conference awards, as well as senior bowl participants and various players continuing their playing days in college football. Because of your efforts, college coaches regularly visit to meet and recruit future gladiators to play at the next level. You have set the tone for the next wave of players and demonstrated what it means to not only be a student athlete, but to be a GLADIATOR!

So, as you move on to the next chapter of your lives, hopefully you will fondly remember the lessons the game and team provide: character, leadership, unity, perseverance, winning and losing, hardship and joy, touchdowns and first downs and walking off the field with your brothers after you gave everything you had in your mind and body to help your team win. The lessons of high school football are many and it is our hope as coaches, teachers, parents and friends, that you will remember those days with fondness, as we will remember you with gratitude and appreciation. Thanks Gladiators!


Coach Maier

Source from Laurence Lai

Seniors Eric Orbon, Nick DePompeis and Steven Mirabile leave the field after a big game.

Girls Soccer:

Dear Riley, Meg, Michaela, Jess, Jordyn and Miranda,

Congratulations on graduating! You should be extremely proud of yourselves!

Thank you for being an amazing group of role models and leaders during my first season as varsity coach. You six truly helped to ease the transition between coaches and supported me throughout the season. Even at our toughest moments, you made sure the team stayed positive and pushed through every game. Whether or not you are continuing your soccer or athletic career after high school, I know you will continue to shine as student athletes and do amazing things in this world.

Remember: once a Gladiator, always a Gladiator. You will always have a home here.

Best of luck,

Coach Bursig

P.S. What Nation?! Glad Nation!

Source from Laurence Lai

The girls varsity soccer team huddles up after their warm-up.

Girls Volleyball:

Dear seniors,

Thank you for all the memories that we have shared on and off the volleyball court. I hope that you had a positive experience playing volleyball at New Hyde Park. Being a part of your lives for the past six years has been rewarding. The hard work, dedication and passion for the game of volleyball that you have all shown led us to a conference championship your senior year!

Lauren D, Sareena and Briana: your leadership this past season was much appreciated. Thank you for being wonderful captains! Muskaan, Lauren P and Tiffany: your positivity and drive to succeed will be missed. I consider myself very lucky to have coached all of you. I am proud of all your accomplishments and I wish you the best of luck in all you take on in the future.



Coach Rizzuti

Source by Lauren DiGregorio

Seniors Muskaan Kapoor, Tiffany Wong, Lauren DiGregorio, Briana Dunn, Sareena Jacob and Lauren Printz snap a group picture before their Pink-It-Up game.



To my seniors,

I want to congratulate Daniella Canning, Samantha Chang and Eily Montenegro for a successful season and a fantastic high school career involved in the district rifle team. Each of you were extremely helpful in a variety of different ways. Daniella, you were the organizer, always creating our schedules for the season in a thorough way. Samantha, you were the motivator, having the task of cheering everyone up and playing a wide range of music for our journeys to meets. Eily, you were the voice of reasoning, reassuring us that everything will all work out and we can persevere as a team. This trifecta of qualities was the reason our team was able to come in second place in the New York State rifle tournament!

I want to congratulate all of you on a successful season and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Each of you has what it takes to strive for greatness in whatever you choose to do. I appreciate all the conversations we had and look forward to hearing what you accomplished in the near future.

All the best,

Coach Babolcsay

Source by Anna Detke

Seniors Samantha Chang, Eily Montenegro and Danny Canning prepare their equipment and uniforms for the match.


Girls Lacrosse:

Dear Gladiators,

Believe it or not, I really appreciated my time with you this year on and off the field. You are a curious and passionate group of young lady Gladiators who are ready for the next challenges. I feel that with focus, discipline and sustained effort, no matter the challenges, you will have what you need to be great leaders in the next stages of your life.

If there is one thing I hope you walked away with this year, it is the fact that you matter; you are powerful and you can improve the world ahead of you. I hope that you recognize your greatness, that you have deep self-love and confidence in yourself and that you know the only person you should compete with is you. As I have stated this year, never lose your "edge" because you will need it one day to survive.

Thank you for allowing me to coach you. I will miss you and hope to see you again one day. I send you all the love, prayers and good vibes.

All the best,

Coach Gagnon

Source by Lauren DiGregorio

The girls varsity lacrosse team puts their sticks up to count down before the start of a game.


To Sara, Zoe, Muskaan, Faith, Alyssa and Michelle,

Congratulations on all your accomplishments in the classroom and on the softball field. I am proud of all of you and know that there will be nothing but success for you in the future. You all brought something different to the team this year, making it such a memorable season for everyone. You will all truly be missed and I am looking forward to hearing all about this next chapter in your life. You ladies helped keep the spirits high and continue to motivate your teammates each and every day. Keep working hard in whichever path you choose!!

Best of luck always,

Coach Romanello

Source from Ms. Samantha Romanello

The girls varsity softball team gathers in excitement after a big win.

Unified Basketball:

My dearest Unified Basketball seniors,

It has been an absolute pleasure to be your coach this year and, for some of you, throughout the years! Seeing you all work together to get the job done brings me nothing but joy. Amos, Steven and Jarek, it has been wonderful getting to know this year as first-time players; your ability to work as a team and get better at your own game is admirable. Andrew, Michael, Shadid and Suriya, I would like to thank you for keeping us all laughing these past two years; it has truly been quite an experience to watch you four work with the team and cheer each other on. Alex and Kyron, it has been an absolute honor and joy to have coached you for the past five years; you both have developed into amazing young men who are a prime example of what hard work and dedication is.

I am sad to see you all go. I wish you nothing but the best for your future endeavors! Remember to always be kind and make every second count!

Here is to winning another chip!

With love,

Coach Salcedo

Dear seniors,

The season and playoffs are almost over, and the Championship game and Chick-fil-a are just around the corner. I just had to tell you I appreciate you for the strength you bring to the team. In the years I have known you as both student and athlete, you have transformed right in front of my eyes. I have witnessed your growth, maturity and compassion. You bring such joy to the game I love. I will miss seeing your unique skills on the court; Alex’s put backs, Steve’s smiles, Michael’s three ball, Shadid’s fast breaks, Kyron’s jumper, Amos’s hustle, Suriya’s “ummm,” Andrew’s muscles and Jarek’s handle. You all exemplify the NHP Gladiator. Good luck in the coming years in whatever path you choose. You will undoubtedly be successful!

“The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” ~ Phil Jackson

Forever in my heart,

Coach Phillip (Ms. P)

Source from Emily McKenna

Senior Steve Campbell and Gianna Pichardo are ready to play basketball.