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Say Goodbye to Senioritis

By Sania Daniyal

As seniors are completing their final months at New Hyde Park Memorial High School, many reflect upon their experiences and look forward to new adventures in their future endeavors. The deadline for seniors to choose a college was May 1, which is National College Decision Day. Many seniors were confronted with the single most important decision of their lives. As many seniors began to commit to college, they were hit with the overwhelming and exciting reality of their next years to come.

“When National Decision Day came around, I was excited to begin a new journey," senior Sydra Daniyal said. "I am excited to commit to the Hofstra Pre-Medical program at the Honors College and move into the next chapter of my life. I was ecstatic with all of the support and guidance that I received from my friends and family, and I know that I am incredibly appreciative of them for helping me get to this point in my life.”

For many seniors, the process of choosing a school and preparing for college can be overwhelming. To de-stress and remember the exciting parts of commitment to college, many seniors followed some common traditions, such as having their beds decorated with snacks of their college's school colors, merchandise of the college and balloons, as a celebration.

“My parents decorated my bed! I am so excited to go to college and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me,” senior Alexa Rago said.

“Having my bed party was exciting. My friend Maggie organized it and I was super excited to see all of my friends there,” senior Gianna Cassata said.

Source from Isabella Vecchio, Alexa Rago and Gianna Cassata

Seniors Isabella Vecchio, Alexa Rago and Gianna Cassata show off their decorated beds after committing to college.

On College T-shirt Day, many seniors took pictures with their friends. This was one of the last opportunities for students to spend time together before graduation.

After all the commitment celebrations have come to a close, with graduation around the corner, many seniors have begun to think about and share their feelings about the next chapter of their lives.

“It’s really exciting to be starting college soon! I’m definitely nervous to be in a new environment and be surrounded by new people but it’s also very exciting to be starting a new phase of my life and having new experiences,” senior Laaibah Shoaib said.

“I’m so excited to start this new chapter of my life and meet new people at college, but also sad to leave behind everything that is familiar to me, senior Sara Hopkins said. "I've been surrounded by the same people, some even since kindergarten, and it's crazy that I won't ever see some of these people ever again."

“It’s pretty exciting to be moving to a new environment. I’ll definitely still miss some people here, but I’m looking forward to making new friends,” senior Emma Ouyang said.

“I'm so extremely grateful I can continue my career doing something at a school that can support me so well, both academically and as an athlete, senior Muskaan Kapoor said. "College is an exciting and nervous change so it makes it a bit easier for me to transition into a new chapter of my life knowing I already have so much support for so many people in my life."

This year's juniors are approaching their final year at NHP. These students are almost done with their high school careers, and many of them have had their experiences shifted by the pandemic. Some have shared thoughts about their concluding year and the absence of some of their current senior friends.

“I really don’t even think I’m going into my senior year. After being remote for the entirety of 10th grade, I barely feel like I’m a junior. I’m nervous but excited for the college application process, and the next step in my life,” junior Anneliese Park said.

“I’m really excited for senior year because of the new freedoms we get, but I’m definitely upset because I’ve spent so much time at NHP and I’m gonna miss it,” junior Caley Caleca said.

“These past six years have gone by really fast and I can't believe I'm going to be going into my senior year next year!" junior Mirolla Mekaiel said. "I’m really excited because I want my junior year to be over, since it was my hardest year in high school. But I'm also kind of sad because I’m seeing some of my friends leave and it's sad to see them go. I'm also sad because I'm going to be experiencing my last few events in high school! So next year I'm going to cherish every moment I have. From cross country meets to clubs to senior events.”


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