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Rodrigo Avoids the Sophomore Slump; Second Album Takes Fans By Storm

By Sarah Chummar and Serena Paul

Was Olivia Rodrigo's newest album “GUTS” a “logical” release or has it turned out to be a “bad idea, right?” This question has been spread throughout New Hyde Park Memorial and across the world following the album’s release this past September. Olivia Rodrigo’s name is all over the media now, including discussions surrounding the new pressures on her as a young artist going from her freshman to sophomore album and her upcoming world tour.

Starting her Hollywood career as a child television star, Olivia Rodrigo rose to fame with Disney hit shows like “Bizaardvark” and “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” A tough breakup with fellow actor Joshua Bassett inspired Olivia Rodrigo’s first single “Driver’s License,” which hit #1 on music charts around the world. From her first explosive single, Rodrigo released her first album, “SOUR.” This album arguably made her the new face of pop music. Her first song, “Driver's License,” was one of the best selling songs of 2021, breaking various records. However, this newfound success also came with a pressure to uphold this reputation and not let her fans down. Nearly two and a half years after the release of her debut album, Rodrigo released “GUTS,” including the international hit “Vampire” and top 10 charting song “Bad Idea, Right?” With Olivia Rodrigo's new album released, students from New Hyde Park Memorial have very strong opinions. Many students enjoyed the new album, finding the songs relatable and impressive considering her recent rise to fame.

“I think as a new star, she has so much potential,” sophomore Sanjna Nischal said. “I love listening to her and she definitely deserves the praise she gets. I especially like ‘the grudge’ from her new album.”

The pressure to produce a successful sophomore album isn’t something exclusive to Rodrigo. For most musicians, writing a sophomore album can be the toughest period of their career. Getting back into their creative mindset and topping this previous album can be difficult, but Rodrigo’s fans at NHP feel that topping her previous album is exactly what she did.

“It’s so different and more mature from her last album and you can tell how she’s really using her experiences to make amazing music for her fans,” senior Bella Gomes said.

“I didn’t know what to think when Olivia Rodrigo announced her new album, all I knew is it would be hard to top ‘SOUR,’” senior Julia Kate Lopez said. “All I can say is I’m impressed with this new album!”

Source by Guneet Hanjra

Olivia Rodrigo recently announced her upcoming 2024 world tour for her second studio album, "GUTS."

As Rodrigo’s new album tops worldwide charts, fans anticipate her upcoming world tour. However, as any other artist, the tickets for her concert are in high demand and come with a hefty price tag. In efforts to help her fans with this problem, Rodrigo has introduced the sale of Silver Star Tickets.

Silver Star Tickets are $20 tickets that can only be purchased in pairs, and the location of these seats won’t be released upon purchase. Instead, the seats will be released when fans collect the tickets from the venue on the day of the concert.

“I think the prices she was giving tickets for were pretty reasonable, especially at Madison Square Garden,” senior Guraneel Kaur said. “Trying to get tickets through Ticketmaster is such a hassle so the likelihood of you getting that presale code is so low. I think the Silver Star Tickets are a nice sentiment because ticket prices can be so high for no reason, so the fact she’s giving out tickets for $20 is so nice because she knows people don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for tickets.”


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