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Ring in Resolutions

By Trisha George

Each January, millions of people around the globe make resolutions as a fresh start to ring in the new year. Whether it be to exercise more, to spend time with loved ones or to practice mindfulness, these goals are what help bring in the new year on the right foot. This year, students at NHP have made many goals for self-improvement and what they hope for in the future. While some work on their physical well-being, others enjoy working on their talents.

“I have made the resolution to practice piano more and to generally become a better pianist. My resolution isn't too similar to last year especially considering I feel I was most drawn to the piano within the last year. Throughout the years, I don't remember them lasting too long, but I have faith with this one,” sophomore Jaiden Thomas said.

Taking up and perfecting skills does have a steep learning curve in the beginning, but eventually shows great results with time and practice. One of the hardest goals to maintain is going to the gym. In January, fitness companies make billions of dollars simply off new members.

“This year, I definitely want to feel stronger and get bigger muscles! I usually don't make resolutions, but this year I’m hoping it'll last at least a month,” junior Ashwin Antony said.

Source by Kristen Schneider

Students write up their self-improvement goals for the new year while only a few are accomplished.

Keeping a positive mindset and not waiting for immediate results ultimately makes fulfilling this resolution worth it in the long run.

Finally, one of the most common but definitely most beneficial resolutions has to do with exercising the mind.

“My resolution this year is to try to read more books compared to previous years. So far, I’m doing pretty good,” sophomore Manal Rashid said.

Reading improves the ability to comprehend ideas in addition to exposing many to new environments and situations that people would never be able to experience in reality.

Good luck to all those keeping up with their resolutions as 2022 continues.


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