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Reactivating Student Activities

By Tesna Cherian

Extracurriculars have been a way for students to engage in the community, start long-lasting friendships and obtain new interests. Socializing has been harder this school year due to the fact that COVID-19 has altered the old ways of getting involved in clubs. However, now more clubs are meeting virtually and some clubs are meeting in person as well.

Prior to the pandemic, G.E.A.R was a very social and interactive club that focused on the enhancement of STEM skills among students. However, with the current circumstances, G.E.A.R. continues to virtually bring students together in STEM-based activities such as Roll- A-Face and origami in order to offer creative hands-on experiences.

The students and I enjoy being able to put screens away, make eye contact with each other, and play music as a group, which we have really been missing...

The goal of the new Public Relations Club is to educate this generation about broadcasting and train students in multimedia. Adviser Dr. Yen is hoping to cover school and community events through photojournalism. He is also looking forward to making the club meetings in person.

“Given the circumstances this school year, we have not been able to function as we normally would. With that said, it is my hope that in the spring some school events will be back up and running. If that is the case, small club meetings can be conducted in person,” said Dr. Yen.

The honor societies are active to inspire students to work hard towards their academic goals and participate in the community. The Math, World Language, Social Studies, Art, and Science Honor Societies are planning virtual inductions with high hopes of being able to conduct in-person events later in the year.

Source by Gayathri Suresh

The World Language Honor Society had its first member meeting through a Google Meet to take the yearbook picture and discuss future events.

“Currently we are thinking it may be potentially a virtual ceremony that students and their special people can join for the calling of names as well as some speeches. Ideally we are hoping to organize a socially distanced walk through the school so students and a few chosen loved ones (parents, guardians, siblings) can pick up their certificate and take a photo in person,” said Social Studies Honor Society adviser Ms. Madigan.

On the other hand, the Junior and Senior High Jazz Bands have finally received the ability to start in-person rehearsals. Junior Jazz Band rehearses from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Senior High Jazz Band meets from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Thursdays.

Source by Gregory Marzano

The Senior High Jazz Band altered the room setup in order to follow CDC social distancing guidelines and practice new pieces. Adviser Mr. Monat leads senior Adithya Krishnan, senior Joshua Eisenberg, freshman Nathaniel Park, junior Lance Ng, sophomore Ken Matthew, and sophomore Tarun Krishnan during a rehearsal.

“Holding in-person Junior Jazz Band rehearsals gives us a bit of normalcy and fun in a challenging year. I'm prepared to go virtual if needed, but we have all seen that there really is no substitute for learning in person. The students and I enjoy being able to put screens away, make eye contact with each other, and play music as a group, which we have really been missing,” said band adviser Ms. Bagley.

This year, students have to email club advisers to get involved. Advisers then provide the basic joining information to join clubs, which include Google Classroom and Remind codes.

Ultimately, though COVID-19 has changed the way extracurriculars work, both students and faculty are persevering to make the best out of this year.


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