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Putting the Gavel Down: Mr. Novak Takes Over Chariot

By Novak's Worst Fear

While Model UN and The Chariot could be called two of the largest clubs at New Hyde Park Memorial, there seems to be a rising controversy regarding Model UN adviser, Mr. Novak. Upon the retirement of Mrs. Mannle, The Chariot’s adviser, Mr. Novak jumped at the opportunity of claiming the spot as Chariot’s adviser. 

What has sparked this sudden change of mind after the years of dedication and so-called, “love” Mr. Novak once said he had for Model UN? The countless conferences, classes, and tears all gone to dust? 

“There were so many students reaching out to me for Chariot quotes that I decided to finally bring this to an end and join the club. The roles have switched and I have gotten this chip off my shoulder. No more features of me in The Chariot, a true wish come true,” says Mr. Novak. 

Source from MUN Insta

Instead of giving a formal farewell, Mr. Novak hacked into the MUN Instagram and posted this photo, without the approval of the account's owners, Nyelle and Arianna.

Some may call him a traitor, some may say he was just being reasonable. Whichever it may be, New Hyde Park may face serious impacts from this change. 

“I am both extremely scared and curious to see where the two clubs will go. I feel like many Model UN students will be inclined to start writing for the Chariot, but I am still in shock at the fact that Mr. Novak is leaving his Model UN family and journey,” freshman Aditi Parikh said. “I guess the saying, 'nothing good lasts forever,' really is true. NHP Model UN will not be the same.” 

Opinions vary between the younger and older Model UN students. As the newest and younger students seem like they will miss Mr. Novak dearly, the older students seem to have opposing opinions. 

 "Honestly, I'm so excited to see all the great places that NHP Model UN will go now with a new adviser! Speaking on behalf of the upperclassmen, Ms. Stack as a new adviser would be wonderful! The early mornings weren't really a great look for Novak and all the coffee was making him jumpy. He always loved staying after school for long-lasting, late night officer meetings, so adjusting to the Chariot schedule should be right up his alley,” senior Grace Heskial says.

Only time will tell if social studies teacher, Ms. Stack will take the role as NHP Model UN club adviser. If things go the way many upperclassmen are wishing for, Model UN seems like it will be in good hands. If not, who will take over this major position?

“I've been waiting for this day to come ever since I got asked for my first quote. The Chariot seems like a perfect fit for me. I wish the best for Model UN, but I cannot wait for this new beginning here at New Hyde Park,” Mr. Novak adds. 


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