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Publications Peace Out

By Asmita Saha

New Hyde Park Memorial’s Arena, Chariot, and Lance have taken large steps to accommodate pandemic regulations during a year filled with chaos and uncertainties. As the school year comes to an end, publications have released their final issues for the year and got to celebrate their hard work and success.

Source from Ms. Diana Mayo

Members of the Arena join a Google Meet to discuss ideas for the virtual publication.

This year, the Arena, NHP’s literary magazine, focused on publishing all student submissions on an organized website. Along with the website, the Arena also held many coffee houses, which were places for students to share their creative talents. To commemorate the end of the year, the Arena published the last of the art and writing from students and editors. Readers can find the published website at

“The publication process was long and tiring as usual, but it was a satisfying experience. Our club members worked hard to create something that we were proud of,” said Arena editor-in-chief Yasmin Abdelhamid.

Publishing the yearbook is always a long and collaborative process, and this year was no different. Lance focused on publishing the yearbook by the end of the year. Through Google Meets and Walsworth, a collective design website, Lance editors were able to work and brainstorm with each other. To conclude the year, Lance held an in-person potluck dinner to celebrate all of their hard work.

Sources from Dr. Andy Yen and Gauri Shyamnath

The members of Lance discuss the yearbook designs on Google Meet; sophomore Anna Detke, senior Gauri Shyamnath and sophomore Brenda Bolouvi pose for a picture at Lance's potluck dinner.

“So many tireless hours were spent writing copy, designing and editing photos throughout the year. All of it was done with passion, hard work, and, most importantly, school spirit to create the best yearbook possible for the senior Gladiators,” said Lance editor-in-chief Emily Locker.

While The Chariot normally publishes physical copies of the newspaper, the publication was online this year. After meeting remotely for the first three issues, The Chariot began holding brainstorming meetings in room 219. The publishing process was tough in the beginning since editors had to teach the new staff members how to edit, lay out, and design articles. To celebrate the end of the year, The Chariot will be holding a party in the courtyard on June 15 with all of its senior staffers and artists.

Source by Olivia Wong

The Chariot senior staffers attend the Adelphi Press Awards through Zoom. BACK: Chariot adviser Ms. Mannle, senior Saanvi Mirchandani, junior Gregory Marzano, senior Gayathri Suresh, junior Lauren DiGregorio. FRONT: senior Jada Seto, senior Olivia Wong and senior Nasheed Choudhury.

“I would say we accomplished a lot despite the circumstances. We published the first-ever full online Chariot, trained so many new writers, introduced more polls to Instagram, and won four awards during the Adelphi Press awards, including first place for Best Outstanding Newspaper, but we couldn’t have done it alone. It took a village,” said editor-in-chief Olivia Wong.

New Hyde Park Memorial’s literary magazine, yearbook, and newspaper have all accomplished many different things during the pandemic. Though the publication process was a difficult one, the Arena, Lance, and Chariot all continued their hard work and dedication in order to create memorable publications.


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